Roy-al win as Lahore get off the mark

Qalandars register first win in PSL after defeating Islamabad United by six wickets

Abdul Majid February 11, 2017

Brendon McCullum-led Lahore Qalandars on Saturday beat Islamabad United by six wickets in the fourth match of the Pakistan Super League in Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

Lahore opted to ball first and, courtesy a four-wicket haul by all-rounder Grant Elliot, restricted Islamabad to 158-7 in 20 overs. For Islamabad, captain Misbahul Haq was unbeaten on 61 from 36 balls.

“We were 20-25 runs shots,” said Misbah after the match. “Lahore batted well; [Jason] Roy was exceptional. It’s all about momentum. They got too many runs in the first two overs. You need support from the pitch but the ball was skidding. I’m happy that I scored some runs. It was a horrible last couple of months so it feels good.”

In their chase, Lahore rode on the back of a blistering cameo from McCullum who scored 25 of 10 balls before being caught off Rumman Raees. The momentum was then carried forward by man-of-the-match Jason Roy (60 off 51 balls) who made sure the team went past the finish line in 18.3 overs.

“Yesterday’s was a gutting loss but things turned around well for us today,” said Roy. “I just needed to bat through. McCullum and then Sunil [Narine] made my life easier. McCullum is outstanding and goes from ball one. Keeps you relaxed and himself works hard.”

Meanwhile, McCullum said he was happy to see the bowlers step up. “It was good performance today,” said McCullum. “Winning the toss helped. It rained a little bit so the ball started skidding a bit. The bowlers stepped up nicely.”


Over 18.2: LHR 160-4

FOUR! Narine pulls it towards square leg to hand Lahore the victory.

Rumman Raees.

Over 18: LHR 155-4

FOUR! Narine through covers; 4 needed off 12 now.

Sami on now; 10 needed off 18. Islamabad need a miracle! Lahore, well they just need to play every ball.

Over 17: LHR 149-4

FOUR! Sent flat past mid-off by Roy. That will be game, set and soon match for Lahore!

SIX! Where did Narine pull that out from? It was on his legs and he played it late but placed it well over the square leg boundary.

FOUR! Narine goes over the in-field and finds the cover boundary.

SIX! Narine in action from the word go.

Shane Watson.

Over 16: LHR 128-4

Nine runs and a wicket off the over.

Sunil Narine joins Roy...

OUT! Elliot caught while trying to sweep. Lucky wicket for Ajmal.

SIX! Roy brings up his FIFTY with a biggie into the second row of stands.


Over 15: LHR 119-3

OUT! Umar Akmal (35 off 26) caught by Billings at deep midwicket.

Shane Watson.

Over 14: LHR 114-2

Sami goes for only three in his over.

Over 13: LHR 111-2

FOUR! Roy welcomes Raees with a boundary. Pulls a leggish delivery square of the wicket.

Rumman Raees to bowl his third. Lahore need 54 off 48 balls.

Over 12: LHR 105-2

SIX! Umar Akmal goes big over midwicket. He is taking the bull by the horns.


Over 11: LHR 96-2

SIX! Umar Akmal receives a short-ball, dispatches it over midwicket.

Shane Watson.

Over 10: LHR 86-2

FOUR! Roy sweeps one and gets a boundary.

Ajmal in for his second.

Over 9: LHR 78-2

FOUR! Umar Akmal targeting the youngster. Flighted delivery, turns it into a full-toss and guides it towards extra cover.

Shadab Khan.

Over 8: LHR 68-2

Seven off the over.

FOUR! Reverse sweep from Jason Roy. Runs past short third man.

Saeed Ajmal now.

Over 7: LHR 61-2

Make that two FOURs in the over! Umar Akmal drive it through covers.

FOUR! Umar Akmal cuts past point to find a much-needed boundary.

Shadab Khan.

Over 6: LHR 50-2

Four runs from the over. Islamabad have got the hold of the game again.

Shane Watson with the ball now.

Over 5: LHR 46-2

Another good over from the left-armer. Only three off it.

Rumman Raees bowls to Umar Akmal and Jason Roy.

Over 4: LHR 43-2

OUT! Fakhar Zaman top-edges one as Sami runs to his left and takes the catch. He is ecstatic! Islamabad back in the game.

Fakhar Zaman and Jason Roy take the chase forward. Sami bowls!

Over 3: LHR 41-1

Five runs and a wicket off the over.

OUT! McCullum (25 off 10) tries to clear midwicket but the fielder places himself well and takes the catch with an inverted cup.

Rumman Raees takes the ball now.

Over 2: LHR 36-0

FOURx3! Roy and McCullum want to end it ASAP!

Mohammad Sami to share the new ball.

Over 1: LHR 21-0

FOURx3 and a SIX to start the chase! Brendon McCullum is in the house ladies and gentlemen.

Imran Khalid takes the new ball for Islamabad. Brendon McCullum and Jason Roy will open the chase for Lahore.

ISB 158-7 (20 overs)

OUT! Sami tries to clear long-off but is caught

RUN OUT! A confusion in the second run and Shadab Khan is declared out.

Misbah is caught but Sohail has overstepped the back crease. He comes back.

SIX! Welcomed with a biggie over midwicket by Misbah.

Sohail Tanvir.

ISB 148-5 (19 overs)

A FOUR and a SIX and Misbah completes his FIFTY. Who wants him back in the T20 side?


Mohammad Irfan Jr.

ISB 136-5 (18 overs)

Misbah's SIX over midwicket gives 12 runs in the over.

Sohail Tanvir is back for his third over.

ISB 124-5 (17 overs)

SIX! Misbah, meanwhile, keeps the scoreboard ticking. Over long on!

OUT! Asif Ali is caught by Elliot. Five down for Islamabad and Elliot took four and was a part of the fifth one!

Narine bowls his last.

ISB 115-4 (16 overs)

OUT! Watson (7) tries to clear long on but Umar Akmal cups it easily. Four for Elliot, all four!

FOUR! Elliot goes for the yorker but it dips towards leg. Watson guides it past the short fine leg fielder.

SIX! Misbah waits and waits and goes boom towards the cow corner. It is not easy to hit Elliot!


ISB 102-3 (15 overs)

Only four off the over.

Yasir in for his second over.

ISB 98-3 (14 overs)

Shane Watson joins Misbah in the middle.

Time out...

OUT! Top edge and Yasir Shah takes an easy catch in cover. Haddin (9 off 15) walks back to the pavillion.

FOUR! Slow ball and Misbah slams it straight, bisects long on and long off.

Elliot now.

ISB 91-2 (13 overs)

Bhatti goes for only three in his over.

ISB 88-2 (12 overs)

FOUR! Misbah sweeps and the ball spins past the fielder at square leg.

Narine bowls his third.

ISB 77-2 (11 overs)

Three runs off the over while bowling to Misbah and Haddin.

Bhatti again.

ISB 76-2 (10 overs)

Three runs and two wickets off the over.

STRIKES AGAIN ON THE THIRD BALL! Dwayne Smith (31) is bowled. What an over this is turning out to be from Elliot.

STRIKES FIRST BALL! OUT! Billings (37) tries to scoop it past fine leg but misses the cutter and the leg stump bail is dislodged.

Grant Elliot.

ISB 73-0 (9 overs)

Seven off the over.

SIX! Billings goes boom over square leg off a length ball.

Bhatti bowls.

ISB 66-0 (8 overs)

Narine. Goes for seven.

ISB 59-0 (7 overs)

Eleven runs off the over.

Yasir Shah to Billings.

ISB 48-0 (6 overs)

Three boundaries off the over. Smith accounts for the first, Billings accounts for the other two. Expensive over from Narine.

Sunil Narine bowls to Dwayne Smith.

ISB 34-0 (5 overs)

Bilawal Bhatti in the attack.

ISB 28-0 (4 overs)

Expensive over by Irfan Jr.

ISB 13-0 (3 overs)

Tanvir continues

ISB 6-0 (2 overs)

Four runs off the over

Mohammad Irfan Jr starts his spell

ISB 2-0 (1 over)

Just two runs off the over.

Sohail Tanvir to open the bowling

Sam Billings and Dwayne Smith to start for Islamabad United.

Toss: Lahore Qalandars have won the toss and have elected to field

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