UK sex gang members face deportation to Pakistan

The men preyed on teenage girls, bribing them with drinks and drugs before passing them around for sex.

News Desk February 10, 2017
Shabir Ahmed, Adil Khan, Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rauf - four members of a child sex grooming gang from Rochdale facing deportation to Pakistan PHOTO: GREATER MANCHESTER POLICE

Four members of a Rochdale child-grooming gang are facing deportation to Pakistan after losing an appeal against having their UK citizenship revoked.

The men preyed on teenage girls around Rochdale, bribing them with drinks and drugs, before passing them around for sex. The accused, Shabir Ahmed, Adil Khan, Abdul Rauf and Abdul Aziz, had their cases dismissed on all grounds by immigration judges.

A summary of the ruling said, "The appellants were all many years older than their victims. In some cases girls were raped callously and viciously and in others they were forced to have sex with paying customers."

The ruling paves way for all men to be removed from UK, despite gaining nationality through naturalisation.

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Ahmed, the ringleader of the gang was previously sentenced in 2012 to 22 years in jail after being convicted of child sexual abuse offences. He remains in jail while the other three have been released on license.

He previously took his case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) claiming that his jury was biased which was in violation of Article 6 - right to a fair trial - of the European Convention on Human Rights. His case was however thrown out, with judges citing there was 'no proof' that the jury acted improperly.

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It is not yet known how long it will take to deport them - and there are concerns there may be a few more hurdles to overcome.

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk called for the men to be deported to Pakistan "as soon as possible". He said, "We welcome many people coming to the UK, to contribute, but if they break the law then they should lose their right to live here."

"Foreign-born criminals should not be able to hide behind human rights laws to avoid deportation."


Xnain | 7 years ago | Reply @D Kamal: "As a British born Pakistani let me explain to you fools." Correction, you're a British born confused Desi trying to be a Pakistani. KWYR, Know Who You Are!
D Kamal | 7 years ago | Reply As a British born Pakistani let me explain to you fools. The UK has a right to kick out criminals and or strip them of British nationality if they commit serious crimes in the UK. These men were not born in the UK they applied to become citizens of the United Kingdom it was a contractual agreement which can be revoked. The UK will not deport them before they have been sent to prison in the UK and served their sentence for the crime they have committed in the UK after the sentence is over we have a right to send these disgraceful scum back to their grandfather to face the music and shame in their country of origin. Of course if a person is born in the UK and one or both of their parents happens to hold a British nationality then of course even if they are British Pakistani they will not be deported as they aren't originally citizens of Pakistan. Moreover this precedence in law will not only apply to Pakistanis it will apply to anyone who was born outside of the UK and applied for UK citizenship. This will make big criminals wanted by the state of Pakistan think twice of committing crimes in Pakistan from the safety of the UK. As many Pakistani born citizens tend to do many are wanted in Pakistan by the army and courts. So this is good not only for the UK but also for Pakistan.
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