Court orders to confiscate Musharraf's assets

Express May 14, 2010

ABBOTABAD: Peshawar High Court's Abbotabad bench ordered the police on Friday to immediately confiscate former president Pervez Musharraf's assets and submit a report after procurement of assets in three days.

On Thursday, the Bench upheld the decision of the district and sessions court to seize Musharraf's assets in relation to the former president's non-appearance in court on April 29, regarding the Atiq-ur-Rehman case.

The two member bench also dismissed the petition filed by Musharraf's counsel to revoke the verdict.

Musharraf was summoned in the case of Atiq-ur-Rehman, an Atomic energy employee who went missing during his tenure. According to sources, Rehman had been called by the city police on the day of his wedding, after which he went missing.

As part of the proceedings, Advocate Iqbal Khan produced as evidence an extract from Musharraf's book, "In the line of fire" in which the former president stated that the state received $10,000 per person delivered to the US during the ongoing War on Terror.

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