Fawad Khan's drastic body transformation for Maula Jatt will shock you

Published: February 7, 2017



Fawad Khan made his mark in India thanks to his good looks. Now that he is back home, the actor is focusing on his return to the Pakistani film industry with none other than Waar director Bilal Lashari.

Fawad has been beefing up for his character in Lashari’s reboot of Maula Jatt. Fellow actor Mikaal Zulfiqar posted a recent image of Fawad and himself, presumably after a work out and from the look of it, its quite clear that Khan is atleast half way through his transformation.

Fawad Khan cast as Maula Jatt, Hamza Ali Abbasi as Noori Nath

Have a look:



Fawad’s pictures have been making waves of late, seeing as how he looks considerably bigger in them all.

Fawad khan spotted in his new avatar for his upcoming movie maula jatt! #fawad Khan#actorslife#weightgain

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Enna Sona#Fawad #fawadkhan #fawadafzalkhan #fawadafzalkhanofc #pakistani #lollywood @fawadkhan81

A photo posted by Fawad Afzal Khan {F.A.K.O} (@fawad.afzal.khan.ofc) on

Mat Tarpa Asay Tu, Na Kar Na Insafi❤️#Fawad #fawadkhan #fawadafzalkhan #fawadafzalkhanofc #pakistani #lollywood @fawadkhan81

A photo posted by Fawad Afzal Khan {F.A.K.O} (@fawad.afzal.khan.ofc) on

Talking to The Express Tribune in an earlier interview, Bilal opened up about the physical appearances of the actors in his film, which also stars Hamza Ali Abbasi as Noori Nath. “It has to be a lot more than just physical exaggeration and that is why Fawad as Maula Jatt and Hamza as Noori Nath will come as an amazing shocker for the audience,” he said.

Bilal Lashari’s next project: A multi-million dollar remake of Maula Jatt

He also explained that his upcoming movie is not a remake of the classic Sultan Rahi-starrer Maula Jatt. “It’s a gamble, but it’s not a remake,” explained Bilal, adding that the project has evolved so much that it’s a completely different story now. “It’s a new interpretation of the gandasa genre, which is why it was very important to reinvent characters. There’s no point in imitating Sultan Rahi. There has to be a completely new identity.”

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Reader Comments (6)

  • Bunny Rabbit
    Feb 7, 2017 - 2:07PM

    Poor thing after that Bolly wood Fiasco is back to Pak movies. I pity him Recommend

  • kemosabe
    Feb 7, 2017 - 2:35PM

    What’s with the squinty eyes ? Is that part of the tough guy routine ?!Recommend

  • S
    Feb 7, 2017 - 8:31PM

    @Bunny Rabbit:
    But he was doing well even before Bollywood, plus Pakistan is his industry so nothing to be sad aboutRecommend

  • AD
    Feb 8, 2017 - 9:02AM

    I missed the transformation part,he just kept a bigger beard.Recommend

  • Ahmad
    Feb 8, 2017 - 12:55PM

    @Bunny Rabbit:
    When Priyanka & Deepika Will be back in Bollywood Will you Pity them? What’s Wrong with you? 200 Millions Pakistanis Don’t work in Bollywood and They are Alive.

    Fawad, Mahira, Rahat, Shafqat, Ali, Atif were established stars before entry in Bollywood. So You can’t take credit of everything. Stop being So lame. Recommend

  • Hayat
    Feb 15, 2017 - 2:33PM

    The one-expression actor.Recommend

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