The Twitter account 'predicting the future'

The handle @BeyonceFan666 called the Brexit vote, Donald Trump’s presidency and even Beyonce’s pregnancy

News Desk February 04, 2017
The handle @BeyonceFan666 called the Brexit vote, Donald Trump’s presidency and even Beyonce’s pregnancy. PHOTO: TWITTER

A mysterious Twitter account is spooking the Internet as it's been accurately predicting the future.

The handle @BeyonceFan666 called the Brexit vote, Donald Trump’s presidency and even Beyonce’s pregnancy. The Twitter account which follows no one but has 61.7K followers, has a description which reads "ya'll knew. don't get it twisted".

Beyonce and Jay Z expecting twins

The account, featuring an egg-shaped figure wearing a crown, lipstick and sunglasses, predicted Beyonce's pregnancy last year in July.

On September 25 2015, the account tweeted that Lady Gaga will be performing at the Super Bowl halftime show -- four days before NFL made the official announcement.

The Brexit results may have surprised many, but @BeyonceFan666 had warned its followers of the result. Eight days before the referendum.

And before the official results were out, it even declared the per cent by which ‘leave’ would win.

The most astonishing prediction, however, remains that of Trump’s victory, when the entire world seemed to side with Hillary Clinton.

On June 15, 2016, in its very first tweet, the Twitter handle prophesied that Trump would win the US elections.

Four days before the elections, the account reminded everyone of its prediction.

And pushed for it again a day before:

As worrying as it is, the social media account had also forewarned that the Trump presidency was not a happy one.

While it’s true that the person(s) behind the account has been proven correct each time, the British newspaper The Guardian proposed a theory behind it after conducting an investigation.

According to the Guardian, the user “most likely posted the future tweets months ago and kept the account private”. And when the reality confirmed its prediction, the user simply deleted the tweets with opposing predictions, left the accurate ones and made the account public.

May meets Trump with eye on Brexit future

Considering that the replies to the tweets are of recent days, Guardian reasons that had the tweets been public at the time of posting there would have been immediate response to them.

However, all the tweets – accurately predicting future - had reactions from February 2, the day Beyonce announced her pregnancy. Besides the account didn’t say Beyonce was having twins – it only mentioned that she was expecting.

This article originally appeared on the Guardian.

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