13 things that are sure to make all Pakistanis nostalgic

The greasy puris, spicy cholay, meetha halwa and aloo ki bhaji is the happiest breakfast a Pakistani will ever have.

Azifa Ayaz February 03, 2017

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had no air to breathe? How would you feel if you had no memories to look back at ever? What if you didn’t have an identity? Quite a sad existence that would be wouldn’t it? Let’s just agree that if you are a patriotic Pakistani from the 90’s then you will understand this post better than the anyone else in the world.

Jaisay food street key liye Lahore:

Lahore and great food go hand in hand. If you’ve ever been to Lahore you have definitely been to the food street. But, mind you, this is no ordinary street food, it is the best kind you can find in Pakistan. Make sure you try the Lahori Chargha, Tawa Chicken and Butt’s Karahi; if this doesn’t take you down memory, we don’t know what will.

Lahore Food street Photo: Sarah Ansari

Jaisay bhuttay key liye samandar:

This may only apply to Karachiites, because that’s where the sea is. The breeze blowing in your face, your hair flying in the air and that warm corn in your hand. But sea view or no sea view, bhutta with lemon, salt and red chillies is a Pakistani staple. Go up the mountains and somewhere along your trek, in the freezing cold, you will a little cart with the warmest, most delicious corn.

Photo: indiaphile.info Photo: indiaphile.info

Jaisay chai key liye partha:

The ultimate combination is the one where you can dip your paratha in the chai and have it. Chai has to be served in the see-through glass cup. It not only fills your stomach, but also refreshes the soul within. Try it out!

Photo: Awais Jibran Photo: Awais Jibran

Jaisay pakoray liye baarish:

You know what you should do when it rains? Scream out “Ammiiii, pakoray banadain!” That’s what the baarish here is all about.

Photo: faskitchen.com Photo: faskitchen.com

Jaisay Halwa Puri key liye Boat Basin:

You need a place to hang out early in the morning? Be it warm or cold? For Karachiites, Boat Basin is definitely the first choice for fresh halwa puri. The greasy puris, spicy cholay, meetha halwa and aloo ki bhaji is the happiest breakfast a Pakistani will ever have.

halwa puri Photo: asiaafroshop.wordpress.com

Jaisay kulfi key liye karakti dhoop:

This is not just about any kulfi you find, but the special kind that is on the road, where the kulfi wala rings the bell tied to his thela and you can hear it from far away. When you hear that bell ringing, a sense of familiarity, of deja vous washes all over you. This is exactly what we need to beat the heat.

Photo: HungryForever.com Photo: HungryForever.com

Jaisay Gola Ganda key liye School ki ghanti:

The super sweet and sticky gola ganda is possibly the messiest and sweetest dessert you will ever have. The colours have managed to attract children from generation to generation. While the ice and flavouring is far from delicious, sweet condensed milk and chocolate syrup are added to give your sweet tooth a real kick. It is home.

Photo: eyeem.com Photo: eyeem.com

Jaisay Lassi key liye local doodh wala:

Don’t go to a restaurant and ask for lassi. For a change, today, go visit the local doodh wala and ask him to give you a glass of meethi lassi - a trip down memory lane comes free!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Jaisay Limca key liye tha tha hona:

Every Pakistani school-going child knows exactly what the “tha tha” sound across the road is. After all, what is limca without the sound that you can hear from across the road? The sound “tha tha” is what makes one fall in love with the sour taste of the limca served with the perfect tinge of sweetness.

Photo: Limca Photo: Limca

Jaisay cricket key liye 1992 ka World Cup:

If you are a 90’s baby, how many times have you heard of this one? The legendary game that was played by the best batsmen, the only World Cup that Pakistan managed to bring home - there isn’t a single Pakistani, sports fan or not, who does not bask in the greatness of this moment.

Photo: Getty Photo: Getty

Jaisay jhandiyon key liye Chauda Agust:

There was a time when Independence Day meant more than just the day Pakistan attained freedom - it meant a competition of who could decorate their houses better with the most amount of lights and jhandiyan. So when a Pakistani sees the Pakistan Day parade or the Independence Day parade, our hearts don’t just swell with pride - they swell with nostalgia too.


Jaisay comedy key liye Umer Shareef aur Moin Akhter:

The most resilient aspect of Pakistan is a Pakistanis sense of humour. We will find that silver lining even if we have to laugh at our ownselves to do it. Umer Shareef and Moin Akhtar are evidence of just that. A Pakistani can face anything in the world so long as you can make place for their sense of humour.

Jaisay bachpan key liye ainak wala jin:

This doesn’t even need any explanation. Everyone in Pakistan knows who Bil Batori, Zakoota and Ainak Wala Jin are, and if you don’t, then you have missed out a lot in your life already!

Hope this brings some great memories from back in the day. Do you have any more memories you would like to add to this list?


Ali | 5 years ago | Reply Most of these things are quite contemporary and are still practiced by many people. It's like saying driving a car makes you nostalgic.
Bunny Rabbit | 5 years ago | Reply I dont think many o the above mentioned foods are really health but hey ... who cares.. once in a while a... all is ok .
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