We went out to find Karachi's best hot chocolate

Grab your cocoa while it's still wintry

Sumayia Asif February 04, 2017
Photo: Charles Wetherbee

No one ever needed a reason to love chocolate but it can be hard to get excited about hot chocolate in Karachi as the seldom cold weather in the city does not favour the indulgence.

However, this year some winter did creep into the city and while the chill is still in the air we went out to find Karachi's best hot chocolate. Here are some of our favourite the city has to offer:

Mocha at Butler’s Chocolate Café

Butler’s has a long list of offerings when it comes to hot chocolate.  marshmallow laden, white chocolate or mint are all done to perfection at the cafe. However, if we were to pick one it would be the 'mocha beverage'. Buttery, smooth and rich, this one is just the perfect drink on a cold evening.

Price: Rs295

Dark chocolate latte at Lal’s Patisserie

For the coffee addict equally devoted to chocolate, Lal's 'dark chocolate latte' is a divine concoction. Bittersweet, rich and with a caffeine kick -- pick this one if you can’t decide between a coffee or hot chocolate but want a magical drink which allows you to savour both.

Price: Rs320

Nutella hot chocolate at Chatterbox

Sure to please Nutella junkies, the Nutella hot chocolate at Café chatterbox is just the right amount of ‘hazelnutty’ and sweet. Add some marshmallows and you have the perfect cuppa chocolate.

Price: Rs 290

100 per cent Belgian hot chocolate at Xander’s

Light but chocolaty, Xander’s hot chocolate is for those who prefer the more traditional cup of cocoa. This one can be savoured along with dessert or some biscotti.


Hot chocolate shake at Scream

Want something similar to a milkshake but warm? At Scream you will find just that. Their chocolate shake is rich, creamy and utterly comforting.

Price: Rs300