5 things we learnt from Pakistan's defeat to Australia in final ODI

Published: January 26, 2017


Pakistan lost the fifth and final ODI to Australia at the Adelaide Oval by 57 runs. And while the Men in Green may not learn anything from yet another ODI humiliation, we certainly have.

1. Pakistan players must fix their butter fingers

We’re wondering if it is even possible to analyse a Pakistan defeat in any form of cricket without a dedicated para or two about their (pathetic) fielding. It seems whenever we lose, the primary culprits are our fielders. Today was no different.

Australia wrap up Pakistan ODI series 4-1

2. Defensive mindset must change

Misbahul Haq may have long left the building, but his penchant for defensive cricket is still alive in the team. Today, the slip cordon during Pakistan’s bowling was empty after just five overs.

Instead of trying to get the Aussies out, Pakistan’s focus was to contain the runs. They failed at both.

Azhar should be given more time, says Umar Gul

3. The chase was never on

Let’s be honest, even the very best of sides would have struggled to track down the mammoth 370-run target set by Australia today. But failing is one thing, not even giving it your all is totally another.

Following Sharjeel Khan’s departure, it was pretty clear that the team had given up. Not one of Umar Akmal’s 46 runs were made to help his side in any way, while his cousin Babar Azam celebrated his ton with full knowledge that his side was well and truly on its way to a defeat.

The fact that he got out the very next ball highlights these players’ selfish agendas. A win was never the target; individual glory to cement their place in the side was.

4. Hasan Ali must not be the scapegoat

Hasan Ali was by far the most expensive of Pakistan’s bowlers; he gave away a century of runs in just nine overs. But it will be incredibly harsh to make him the scapegoat considering his previous performances and age.

With David Warner and Travis Head firing on all cylinder, the young pacer was thrown to the wolves. With such a chastening experience, Hasan could likely be shelved as it happens so often in Pakistan cricket, but shouldn’t.

Sarfraz admits to feeling ‘insecure’ during Waqar’s tenure

5. Azhar Ali’s captaincy is in shambles

This surely has to be the end of the road for Azhar Ali as the captain of this ODI outfit. Under his leadership, the team has looked clueless and lacked the spine to even put up a fight, let alone win. On top of it, he is woefully out of form.

The only match Pakistan looked half-decent in and won during the series was when Azhar went missing due to an injury. Note to Shaharyar Khan: the knives have been sharpened plenty; it’s time to wield the axe.

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Reader Comments (5)

  • Lalit
    Jan 26, 2017 - 10:45PM

    Plenty of things to learn after more than half a dozen defeats….Recommend

  • Shah
    Jan 27, 2017 - 12:17AM

    At least 2 ODIs which Pak lost were actually won by Pak if they would not have dropped catches; 6 in one match and a couple or more in the last one, not to mention the fielding not trying to stop the ball but to let it go and then either roll dive to show what great effort, or start running after the ball; PCB “MUST” change criteria of selection; !st is the ‘pre-qualification’ of a player; which means player must pre-qualify after passing strict fielding and stamina test’; Once he pssses this test with a minimum passing points of 90%, then to be established after ‘testing’ that he is a ‘batsman’ and for which position will play; or the test for a ‘bowler’ and whether he has positioned for spinner or fast bowler;… the last test would have to be for ‘wicket keeper’ and his collection, stumping and catching abilities behind the stumps; In all cases minimum passing points computer decided, to be not less than 90%; If less then drop the player and look for a better one in the market; there are plenty of very capable expert poor boys out there who dont have clout of PM or CM or any Minister; Critical is the selection of a ‘player’ after he passes computerized monitored “Fielding” test; that should be basis of setting up tests for ‘Batsman or Bowler or Wktkeeper”; Till then no use paying these useless pieces of human waste as pak team; Also, it is important to that if players are afraid to touch the fast moving ball in the air or ground that they get hurt or it pains, then they should look for something else to play, maybe ping pong; .. but for sure not cricket; Recommend

  • Fact is Fact
    Jan 27, 2017 - 7:24AM

    useless team.. will never learn.. look at india where they are now… look at bangladeshRecommend

  • Australian paki
    Jan 27, 2017 - 7:31AM

    I went to watch a couple matches in Australia as I live in Sydney and love cricket and pakistan team. To my surprise the attitude of the team specially in the filed is the biggest difference between the two team. Their body language stays down and they seem uninvolved in the game as if they are forced to do this job. I like Azhar Ali as he is a good batsman and a decent man who we need as a cricketer in our team but Captancy is not meant for him unfortunately. There are some players especially experienced they need to be changed immediately. So these are the following suggestions.
    – make a new captain I suggest Sarfaraz Ahmed
    – we need one more explosive batsman in the upper order like Iftikhar Ahmed
    – Field improvement
    – Spirit and the value of the team player should be taught to the team.
    My 12 member squad is
    Sharkeel khan
    Iftikhar Ahmed
    Babar Azam
    Muhammad hafeez or Shoib Malik (just pick me only)
    Sarfaraz Ahmed
    Umar Akmal
    Ammad waseem
    Muhammad Amir
    Wahab Riaz
    Hasan Ali
    Junaid khan
    We also find one more batsman who will replace Hafeez and Malik in a year Recommend

  • Mohammed
    Jan 27, 2017 - 8:41AM

    When Hassan Ali was being hit for runs why would any captain continue bowling him.
    Use him when he is most effective in later overs with his variations.

    why didn’t Azhar bowl himself .Recommend

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