Mai Dhai's latest song will take you to Tharparkar

Published: January 25, 2017


Kesaria – Mai Dhai’s latest collaboration with rising singer Natasha Baig – takes one on multiple journeys.

While the song itself is premised on a lover’s conflict with her beloved, the video – directed by Hassan Ali Effendi – takes viewers to Tharparkar. Mai is as impeccable as always, with the vernacular and husky essence oozing out of her voice – the sound of the gypsies echoing off mountains and breathing in Thar. Natasha complements Dhai’s vocals with her youthful energy.

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As the video progresses, it takes us through Tharparkar – from the famous site of Marvi’s well (from popular Sindhi folktale of Umar Marvi) to the prison where she was incarcerated. We can’t help but notice that we see everything from Natasha’s perspective, who features as an outsider.

The video is by no means extraordinary. Hassan follows the same old routine of exploring a scenic place through an outsider’s eyes. But it’s definitely uplifting to see attention being devoted to a neglected region.

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Beautifully shot by Aamir Mughal, Kesaria would have carried greater impact if more emphasis was placed on Tharparkar. A stronger narrative would have elevated the music video to a higher level. Nonetheless, Kesaria remains visually striking and Mai and Natasha’s vocals surely make it worth a listen.

Watch the video here:

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