4-year-old Hindu boy kidnapped outside house

The boy was kidnapped by two motorcyclists. Police have yet to register the case.

Sarfaraz Memon March 07, 2011


A four-year-old boy, Prithvi Kumar, was kidnapped from outside his house in Shahi Bazaar, Jacobabad, on Sunday night.

The Hindu boy was picked up by two motorcyclists, according to his playmates. Prithvi’s father, Amrat Rai, informed the police immediately but they have yet to register the case.

Prithvi’s elder brother, six-year-old Sandesh, was also outside when the kidnapping took place, said Rai, who runs a medical store in Shahi Bazaar. Sandesh ran home to inform his parents but the kidnappers had fled by the time they reached.

Hindu Panchayat, Jacobabad, president Baboo Mahesh Kumar told The Express Tribune that this kidnapping has terrorised the Hindus, who are already migrating to other cities and towns due to the worsening law and order situation. The Hindus are a soft target for kidnappers, he added.

According to Kumar, the kidnapping of children is the most heinous crime since they cannot live without their parents. “Naturally, the kidnappers will keep the boy intoxicated to avoid a hue and cry and he may become mentally disturbed,” he feared. The boy’s mother has had several anxiety attacks since Sunday night and his father is still roaming the streets like a lunatic, looking for his son, he added.

The president criticised the police’s decision to withhold the identity of the kidnappers at the end of all such cases, asking “how can we know who our enemy is”. He warned of a larger protest if Prithvi is not found within 48 hours.

Jacobabad City SHO Saeed Ahmed Jumani claimed that the boy was missing since Sunday afternoon and the relatives came to know late in the evening. He suspected that Rai’s cousins may be behind the kidnapping since the family had differences.


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