14 stalls we can't wait to try at Karachi Eat 2017

Published: January 11, 2017

Gear up Karachi, the most anticipated event of the year is finally here. From the 15,000 people it drew in 2014 to 75,000 in 2016 — there is no doubt that Karachi has fallen in love with Karachi EAT Festival.

Each year the festival brings to life one of Karachi’s oldest and most prized buildings, the Frere Hall, with food, fun and chatter. Choosing Frere Hall as their venue, organisers at CKO Event Architecture – who want nothing more than to give back to the city – hope to reclaim public spaces.

The CKO team, which includes, Sarah Chapra, Arsalan Khan and Omar Omari also organised Azadi Rocks concert on Edulgee Road in August last year.

This year, the widely anticipated Karachi EAT Festival will run through January 13-January 15. While the number of stalls remains the same this year, the vendors have been carefully selected and you can expect delicious new flavours and old favourites.

Music Line-up

“The music lineup is a lot stronger this year,” Omar Omari told The Express Tribune. Performers include Zoe Viccaji, Natasha Humera Ejaz, Jimmy Khan, Sara Haider, Sounds of Kolachi and Fusion.

Moving on to food, the line-up this year is as exciting as every year and absolutely drool-worthy. Besides exciting new food vendors you will see your old favourites as well.

Here’s a list of our most anticipated stalls this year:


Alizay Saeed and Raza Rizavi couldn’t think of a better time to launch their own venture. They are both passionate about cooking.

“We both love hosting dinners and BBQs for friends but this is the first time we’re going to serve the wider public” Alizay told The Express Tribune.

The duo will be serving three Asian influenced items which include pulled beef sandwiches (with an Asian twist), basil chili chicken rice bowl (Thai) and crispy beef with garlic rice (Japanese).

Price of items: Rs200-Rs300

2) D’oH

New to the festival this year, D’oH by Ibrahim Bawany will be serving “Brazillian churros”.

“These churros are eight inches long and come with a filling,” he said. Flavours include peanut butter, strawberry and cream and cheese cake besides Nutella and chocolate.

Bawany and his cousin plan to take things further after the festival. You may see a food truck in the coming months with churros and a lot more.

Price of items: Rs250 for an 8 inch churro

3) Jucy Lucy

A gouda cheese burger that looks great and promises a lot. We definitely want to visit this stall in hopes of a juicy encounter. Launched by the team behind the very successful Churros and Choc, who seem to have completely shifted focus this year, these burgers look delicious.

4) Saniya’s Kitchen

Back for the third time, Saniya’s Kitchen promise to serve you their delicious Khaosuey again this year.

After having a wonderful experience at the first Karachi EAT Festival, Saniya and her husband decided to participate in the next and haven’t looked back since. The duo now own a catering business.

Price of items: Rs200-300

5) Nom Nom Taco’s

Tortillas, sour cream and guacamole? Yes we’re very excited. Nom Nom promise authentic tacos and we can’t wait to try them.

6) Chocolate Shawarma

Chocolate shawarma? What do you think about that? We’re not so sure how we feel about it but we definitely want to satisfy our curiousity and try it out.

7) Crepe Tease

Another newcomer, Crepe Tease offers savoury and sweet crepes made with premium ingredients. The stall is a being set up by husband and wife, Zarnab Rashid and Breakhna Zarnab.

The crepe flavours include Nutella, Chocolate and Banana caramel with various toppings. You will also find delicious mint lemonade at their stall.

Will the crepes be thin and light and delicious? We hope so.

Price of items: Rs100-300

8) The Waffle Cart

Bond Street Waffles have set a high standard for newcomers in the waffle business. However, just seven months old, The Waffle Cart has already been making rounds among foodie circles.

“These are new age waffles,” Alizeh Imtiaz, owner of the business tells us. The Waffle Cart serves both sweet and savoury waffles that are “bite size, crispy, very light and sugar free”.

The Waffle Cart will be selling their best-selling flavours at Karachi EAT Festival which include caramel, chocolate fudge, strawberry and cream as well as Ferrero Rocher. They also promise to serve 10  people in three and a half minutes.

Price of items: Rs100-300

9) Khao Dosa

Authentic, crisp, delicious! We loved this dosa last year and are very excited to taste it again. Isn’t it mesmerising watching dosa being prepared?

Price of items: Rs100-300

10) Breast and Loin

Sandwich focused Breast and Loin were a massive hit last year. So much so that they had to restock during the festival,  business owner Ali Samir tells us.

Partners Ali Samir and Samir Ali will be serving some ‘unique’ new sliders this year along with ‘smashamosas’ and their bestseller from last year; steak and cheese sandwich. They will also be serving waffles made with premium ingredients.

The duo plan to resume catering ‘full time’ after the festival.

Price of items: Rs200-300

11) Donny and Shabby

Donny and Shabby are new to Karachi EAT this year. Satisfy your ‘desi’ cravings here. We really want to try their fish tikka.

12) Karamel

Doughy chocolaty goodness — we love the gooey soft Karamel cookies and cookie cake. You can now try them at the festival.

Karamel will be selling their famous cookies at the festival. There will also a surprise product.

Price of items: Rs100-300

13) Rajjo ice cream

Old is gold? Well surely. The ever popular Rajjo ice-cream will also be making an appearance at the festival. Pistachio, chocolate or coffee? Which flavour will you be having?

Price of items: Rs100-200

14) Fatso’s

Their truffle fries and braised ribs were a huge hit last year and this year they are coming up with a ‘surprise’. Although, the owner of Fatso’s Maha Jawed refused to delve into details, she said it “falls in the burger category” and “no one has probably served it in Karachi”. Lets just say we can’t wait!

Jawed, who trained in Istanbul after attending culinary school, is also a food consultant. She loves the Karachi EAT Festival and hopes this year will be as fun as last time.

Price of items: Rs200-300

Besides the above mentioned we are also looking forward to biryani and naan specialists at the festival this year. Find Naan Sahab for paneer reshmi, chicken cheddar melt, Nutella and beef kebab naans.


To facilitate visitors this year, the organisers have arranged a shuttle service (see map below) and recommend using Careem and Uber to reach the venue to avoid traffic congestion.

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