4 tips for the perfect barbecue

These tips will guarantee a delicious meal

Ians December 25, 2016

NEW DELHI: With the temperatures dropping and New Year’s Eve right around the corner, now is the ideal time for you to throw a barbecue for our friends and family. After all, it’s only sometimes that we get to enjoy good weather and ought to make the most of it.

But before you call up people, there are some tips and tricks to work on for a successful barbecue party. Below are some essentials that’ll make things easier for you. Happy barbecue-ing!

1. Perfect your party prep

If you’re making the food by yourself, the first step would be to make sure your grilling equipment is clean and polished for you and your guests to use. Serve everything buffet style, with one area for dishing up food and another for sitting down and eating. And to avoid any last minute panic, be sure to plan out your menu beforehand and shop for everything you might need well in advance.

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2.  Add quirky twists to usual foods

Barbecue parties are obviously associated with meat but by using the right grilling techniques, you can do wonders to vegetables and fruits too. Surprise your guests by using simple masala marinades on fruits like apples, pineapples and apricots. Spice up your menu by adding a few off-beat barbecue items on the menu or for variety’s sake, keep some non-barbecue dishes as well. As it is, we’re smack in the middle of wedding season…

3. Marrying the marinades

Marinating is one of the most essential steps for a well barbecued meal. Make simple marinade by first caramelising sugar, water and cinnamon powder. At the right consistency, stir in cumin powder, chilli powder, salt, chaat masala and gradually add some low fat cream and butter. You can also save some of the marinade and brush it lightly over the skewers, while the meat is being grilled later. This helps in adding moisture, trapping the smoky barbecue flavour and adds a layer of caramelisation to the meat as it cooks.

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4. Drool-worthy drinks

Set up a section with some fresh juices and mocktails. Pick classic holiday drinks with readily available ingredients that are easy to make. Pomegranate juice is the drink of the season, not to mention some tea and coffee for your guests to enjoy towards the end of the evening.

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