5 tips to save time in the kitchen

The lesser the time you spend on getting organised, the more you can concentrate on cooking

Compiled By: Maryam Abdullah December 24, 2016

Being more efficient with your kitchen routine will save time and make you feel more in control of the process. No one starts out as a great cook and the lesser the time you spend on getting organised, the more time and energy you'll have to spare for developing your own unique cooking style. Compiled from The Huffington Post, here is a list of five things you can do to save time in the kitchen.

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1. Get organised


One of the best ways to save time in the kitchen is to organise all your utensils and ingredients and remember where everything is kept. Imagine how smoothly you will be able to function in the kitchen if you never have to fumble around looking for the potato peeler or the colander. One of the best strategies is to plot out the storage space in your kitchen and keep sections for different kitchen tools. The most frequently used items should be kept in areas near the stove or sink.

2. Keep the basics at hand


Always be well-stocked with staples such as flour, eggs, herbs, spices and oils as they are used often in both savoury and sweet recipes. Your fridge should have milk, butter and ice cubes too. Cooking can be painful if you have to go out and purchase basic ingredients each time. If you use onions, potatoes and fresh garlic regularly, always ensure you have some in your kitchen. If you have a regular inventory and rotate it efficiently, you'll be able to save time.

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3. Buy tools that are easy to maintain


Invest in good-quality kitchen cookware which is long-lasting, reliable and easy to clean. Cheap aluminium pots and pans are truly a very attractive bargain but in the long run, you’ll end up wasting resources on dishwashing liquid and trying to clean off residue. The same goes for cutlery and all other kitchenware. You should determine how hard the appliance or tool is going to be to maintain and generously invest in good-quality items as they’ll make cooking easier.

4. Cook in batches


Cooking in large batches and freezing what you won’t use right away will save you a lot of precious time in the kitchen. A large pot of curry or rice will take about the same amount of time to make as a small one, maybe even a little more. But cooking a larger batch could yield double the number of meals. One evening is all you need to make enough food that will last you a couple of days or even a week. After that, you can continue to defrost, microwave and enjoy quick, hassle-free dinners in peace.

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5. Have a strategy


To get the job done faster and better, anticipate the steps of your cooking process and what you'll need and when you'll need it. If you're making cookies, for example, pull out the measuring cups and spoons, sugar, flour, bowl and other utensils before you begin. When you get a utensil dirty, put it in the sink and rinse it out right away. This will make it easier to clean later. Less fumbling and hunting for things means time saved and better meals.

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