9 celebrity workouts which are totally (not) doable

Published: December 20, 2016


Ever wondered how your favourite celebrities manage to look so great all the time? Those sculpted abs, toned arms and flawless skin and that too, while living such hectic lives? They must be spending oodles of time at the gym in between cause there is no other way.

But guess what? According to Buzzfeed, you can look like that too! Take cue from the stars and simply follow their tricks and you’ll be good to go. Alia Bhatt makes exercise look like a piece of cake.

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Deepika Padukone has been making waves with videos of herself exercising while suspended in mid-air, although you might have to forget about comfort for this.

Varun Dhawan, walks upside down to keep fit. Yes, you read that right…

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If you wish to look like Alia Bhatt, why not try this routine? Only, Alia can make this work out look like a piece of cake.

You could pull a Malaika Arora and do upside-down crunches too. She totally killed this one!

Honestly, can Jacqueline even feel her legs after this?

This Bollywood celebrity absolutely terrifies Parineeti Chopra

Not sure what Bipasha is doing here but this monkey routine sure suits her

@malaikaarorakhanofficial and that's exactly how it's done! #PilatesGirl #GetSmartGetMoving #Grace

A video posted by Namrata Purohit (@namratapurohit) on

If you happen to have a mailbox lying around somewhere, why not put it to good use, like Malaika did?


If you slip and crack three bones while you do this, it is not Jacqueline’s fault.

These videos may have set us up for a bruised skull and or a cracked rib or two but they’re surely worth a shot. Just look at how good Deepika and Malaika look! So let’s see how many of these ‘easy and doable’ moves can you pull off?

How many of these ‘easy, doable’ workout routines can you do?

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