Google, Apple and Uber among major tech firms to refuse Trump's Muslim registry

The tech giant have broken their silences on whether they would participate in helping build a Muslim registry

Tech Desk December 17, 2016
Tech giants have broken their silences on whether they would participate in helping build a Muslim registry. PHOTO: AFP

Tech giants Google, Apple and Uber have finally broken their silence on President-elect Donald Trump’s comments on possibly building a Muslim registry. All three companies unequivocally rejected the idea of being part of any such initiative by the upcoming Republican administration.

In a question by BuzzFeed as to whether Google plans on helping the Trump administration with a possible Muslim registry the company said, "In relation to the hypothetical of whether we would ever help build a ‘Muslim registry’ - we haven’t been asked, of course we wouldn’t do this and we are glad - from all that we’ve read - that the proposal doesn’t seem to be on the table.”

Only one out of 9 major tech firms refuses to build Trump's Muslim registry

Apple also gave a similar reply saying “We think people should be treated the same no matter how they worship, what they look like, who they love. We haven’t been asked and we would oppose such an effort.”

Similarly, Uber also responded saying “NO” in response to the same question.

It is worth mentioning that eCommerce giant Amazon did not respond to repeated requests whereas software firm Oracle declined to respond to the question. Oracle's refusal also comes in a day after CEO Safra Catz announced to be a part of Trump’s transition team.

Donald Trump ‘planning register for Muslims’

US President-elect Donald Trump made several nonsensical promises during his presidential campaign which include the setting up of a registry for immigrants from Muslim countries and possibly for Muslims in America.

Though the Republican has waffled off most of his campaign promises, a Muslim registry however may still be under consideration.

This article originally appeared on BuzzFeed


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