Swedish cartoonist attacked

Express May 12, 2010

UPPSALA: A Swedish cartoonist whose sketch of the Prophet Mohammed enraged many Muslims, was attacked while giving a lecture about freedom of speech.

Lars Vilks says he was head-butted by an audience member as he spoke about the limits of artistic freedom at the University of Uppsala. The cartoonist's glasses were broken, but he was not injured.

Vilks said a group of about 15 people had been shouting and trying to interrupt the lecture, which was attended by about 250 people.

In March, Vilks was the target of an alleged murder plot involving Colleen LaRose, an American who called herself "Jihad Jane".

Earlier in January, a Somali man was indicted for attempted murder for breaking into Vilk's home and threatening him with an axe.


Ateek | 11 years ago | Reply its completely disappointing*
Ateek | 11 years ago | Reply I am completely disappointing to me how we are doing things, we are not putting any thing in current world scenario, we moslems should atleast realize one thing that we should put things in broader scenario, these attempts o ours are just making the things worse for us, world is now a global village and we are unintendedly or intendedly going back to the cave era, there is a complete lack of leadership and wisemen among us, and those who think in a broader perspective are being called KAFIRS, American and jewish agents, or zionist agents and so on, we have gpt to understand that this is time to take a look around think and realize what we did wrong, threatening or assaulting someone to death is not the way, we have got to admit it, and we should realize that the whole world is not our enemy we should for god sake realize the things which make things and people go crazy and we should stop doing those things. God bless us all.
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