These are the 14 most breathtaking scenes from Planet Earth II

Published: December 13, 2016

Critically-acclaimed wildlife series Planet Earth is back with a new season of six episodes, and it has managed to capture some breathtaking shots of wildlife on our planet.

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From islands to forests; British veteran broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough takes us around the world, narrating nail biting scenes and acquainting viewers with wildlife’s everyday struggle for survival.

Cities, The season finale of Planet Earth II, saw Attenborough travel to urban landscapes the world over to see which animals had managed to adapt.

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Here, we look at some of the most captivating scenes of the series.

1. Langur monkeys being fed in a temple

Langur monkeys are shown in temple grounds in India where they are fed and allowed to roam free.

2. Pigeon attacked by Wels Cat Fish

Although pigeons have succeeded in living in cities, they still face predators. The Wels cat fish in the above photo attempts to pull the pigeon under.

3. A crab attempts to kill and eat a baby turtle

Crab hatchlings are completely disoriented because of the lights and sounds of the city. In this scene, the newly born crabs are shown ready to pounce on baby turtles. The above turtle managed to escape, but many others didn’t. This episode drew praise because the crew put every turtle hatchling back in the sea.

4. Lionesses attempt to take down a buffalo

5. Elephants and gazelles share a waterhole

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Animals share a brief moment of truce around the waterhole.

6. Sloth swimming

Episode one shows a male Pygmy Sloth – one of few hundred in existence, swimming in deep water to reach a female sloth from whom he received a mating call.

7. Iguana versus snake

This scene has gone viral for its suspense-filled, Indiana Jones-style tension. It shows several baby iguanas being chased by a nest of snakes as soon as they hatch.

8. Komodo dragons fighting

This scene shows Komodo dragons fighting to mate with a waiting female.

9. Penguins

This scene shows the hardships penguins on a remote island overcome everyday to find food. Risking their lives by diving into dangerous waters filled with predators, many penguins like the male one pictured above end up sustaining injuries.

10. Ibex

This baby Ibex appears to be hanging precariously on a rock, but its shakiness is deceptive: the Ibex, along with its siblings, are almost as good at climbing as their parents.

11. Golden eagles fighting

The female eagle fights a large male for the remains of a dead fox, which would sustain her for days.

12. Bears

This hilarious scene shows a bear rubbing itself onto a tree to get rid of some of his winter coat in spring.

13. Bobcat

After catching a small mouse in the snow, the bobcat climbs a tree and manages to kill a squirrel too.

14. Snow Leopard

After almost two years with her daughter, this female snow leopard is alone. Her cub, finally grown, makes her own way into the wild.

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  • Bunny Rabbit
    Dec 13, 2016 - 2:32PM

    dont find any one photo particularly enchanting !!! All are mediocre . Recommend

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    Dec 13, 2016 - 7:53PM

    The Golden Eagle was awesomeRecommend

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