Junaid Jamshed: A life in pictures

A tribute to Junaid Jamshed through a series of pictures captured throughout his life

Multimedia Desk December 10, 2016

National icon Junaid Jamshed and his wife were among the 48 people aboard the PIA plane which crashed near Abbottabad.

The pop singer-turned-evangelist shot to stardom and became a household name in the 1980s as the front man of the celebrated Vital Signs. The band delivered several chart-topping numbers, including the timeless classic Dil Dil Pakistan, dubbed the unofficial national anthem of Pakistan. In the late 90s, the band members went their separate ways, with Jamshed launching a solo career.

In 2004, Junaid’s life took a dramatic turn as he announced to quit his illustrious music career opting to focus on religion, and began preaching on TV. His appearance changed drastically, as he ditched leather jackets and stonewashed jeans for a more traditional ensemble and a beard.

Here we pay tribute to Junaid Jamshed through a series of pictures captured throughout his life.

1_zkn_2_junaid-pictures An iconic screenshot of Junaid Jamshed performing the famous Pakistani patriotic song 'Dil, Dil Pakistan'. PHOTO: SCREEN GRAB

2_zkn_1_junaid-pictures Junaid is photographed with Sajjad Ali, and Ali Haider in the early phase of his musical career. PHOTO: PAK WIRE

3_zkn_ec_new Junaid poses for a picture along with members of the Pakistan cricket team and other musicians for a Pepsi commercial. PHOTO: TWITTER

4_zkn_12_junaid-pictures Junaid Jamshed pictured above performing at a concert in early days of his musical journey. PHOTO: PAK FILES

5_zkn_8_junaid-pictures PHOTO: AMFUNWORLD

6_zkn_6_junaid-pictures On of the earlier portraits from his life as a musician. PHOTO: PAK FILES

8_zkn_9_junaid-pictures Apart from his beautiful voice, the singers good looks earned him a huge female following. PHOTO: KOOLMUZONE

9_zkn_14_junaid-pictures The iconic album artwork of Vital Signs' first music album released by EMI. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

10_zkn_maulana-tariq-jameel-latest-picture-with-junaid-jamshed29633156_201410104217_new In 2004, Jamshed left the music industry after a spiritual awakening, choosing to devote his life to religious activities. PHOTO: PINTREST

11_zkn_5_junaid-pictures PHOTO: AMEER HAMZA

12_zkn_4_junaid-pictures Junaid Jamshed and Ali Haider performing at the Spiritual Chords Nasheed concert held in South Africa in August 2011. PHOTO: MUSLIM CHARITY SOUTH AFRICA

13_zkn_10_junaid-pictures PHOTO: PINTREST

16_zkn_shahid-afridi-and-junaid-jamsheed-at-hajj_new Junaid Jamshed and Shahid Afridi are photographed during Hajj. PHOTO: CRICOK BLOGSPOT

19_zkn_58481b1febcd1_new One of Junaid Jamshed's final photographs taken with friends in Chitral. PHOTO: TWITTER

1_zkn_junaiad-jamshed-last-pic-696x418_desktop Junaid Jamshed’s last picture before boarding on PIA plane. PHOTO: TWITTER


Nawaz Uppal | 4 years ago | Reply Allah almighty says in Holly Quraan. - Every one have to taste the death (Means every body have to die). Only Almighty Allah was there, is there and will be there. Sooner or later we have to leave this world, stay in this world is absolutely temporary. May Allah Zouljalal forgive our sins & mistakes and also forgive those who have left this world(died). After a person death his link is discontinued with this world, people should not point out mistakes of those who are not with us(died).Allah is most merciful and blessing, His Mercy & Blessings are unlimited and endless.May Allah bless all the victims of plane. May Allah Bless us also.
Aisha behan | 4 years ago | Reply Junaids whole life is an inspiration for our generation, grew up listening to his songs and admiring his looks then witnessed his transition over the years and people like me are still stuck in their shallow wordly lifestyles, really wish and pray we learn from the experiences of people like Junaid. What an impact his death has had........... P.s for Junaid who had seen the limelight and had millions of fans to have kept the beard for the sake of Allah makes him more beautiful.
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