This Muslim comedian was delighted to be seated next to Eric Trump on a flight

Amer told Trump he's not going to get a Muslim ID and all that crap

News Desk December 03, 2016
PHOTO: Facebook/Mohammed Amer

Accidents happen and sometimes we're glad they do.

That’s what happened with Mohammed Amer - a Muslim American comedian - as he stepped onto his plane in New York City on Wednesday.  Amer was received with an odd murmur as he boarded.

Once he reached his seat, which was upgraded at the last minute, he realised why. Sat next to him on the plane was none other than Eric Trump, the third-oldest child of President-elect Donald Trump.

While the woman sat behind Eric Trump seemed clearly perturbed by his presence, Amer had a different reaction: “Thank you, God”

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Taking his seat Amer told Eric Trump: “You don’t even know how fantastic this is for me. I’m a Muslim named Mohammed who happens to be a stand-up comedian, and I’m sitting next to you. It's perfect.”

He then told him politely: “I was like, ‘Yo, and I’m not doing that shit. I’m not going to get an ID, a Muslim ID and all this crap. I’m not doing that. F*** that.’”

Amer said that Eric told him nothing of the sort would happen. “He goes, ‘Come on, man you really think we’re going to do that? We’re not doing that.’ That’s what he said. ‘We’re not doing that.’

“I was like, ‘OK, fantastic.’”

When Amer told him that he had toured with Dave Chappelle, Eric had a request: “Tell him to take it easy on [my dad].” To which Amer responded: “That’s not gonna happen. We are not going to take it easy. It’s not our job to take it easy on you guys.”

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Speaking of what he took away from the conversation he shared with Eric Trump, Amer said: “I just know we had a good, decent conversation, and I think that proves that we can talk to each other, and I think that’s what’s most important.”

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