Pakistan’s first transgender model makes debut with stunning photoshoot

Pakistan's first trans model wishes to eradicate the stereotyping attached to the taboo.

Life & Style Desk November 28, 2016

Social activist, Kami Sid, who is known for working endlessly for Pakistan's transgender community has made her debut in the fashion world.

A powerful photo shoot featuring Sid is dedicated to end the transphobia, present at large in the country, and to break the stereotypes attached to it.

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Photo: Buzzfeed/Muhammad Haseeb Siddiqui PHOTO: BUZZFEED/MUAHMMAD HASEEB SIDDIQUI


Photo: Buzzfeed/ Muhammad Haseeb Siddiqi PHOTO: BUZZFEED/MUAHMMAD HASEEB SIDDIQUI

Photographed by Haseeb M. Siddiqi, and make up by Nighat Misbah, the two collaborated with Karachi based stylist, Waqar J. Khan to give Kami the powerful look.

Photo: Buzzfeed/ Muhammad Haseeb Siddiqi PHOTO: BUZZFEED/MUAHMMAD HASEEB SIDDIQUI

In Islamabad, a mosque for transgender community

Pakistan is a country that is witness to transgender violence, as many incidents were reported in the current year against the community.

Photo: Buzzfeed/ Muhammad Haseeb Siddiqi PHOTO: BUZZFEED/MUAHMMAD HASEEB SIDDIQUI

Kami Sid believes in an end to the violence and phobia of Transgender Community, diminishing the limits set for them in the country.

She was earlier featured in a documentary filmed by BBC, How Gay is Pakistan, and has become known for being vocal about trans gender rights, and is a well known activist for LGBT.

In May, a 23-year-old Alisha was gunned down and was denied treatment at the hospital which later led to her death. This incident sparked outrage in various areas of the country. Adding to the list of incidents, many videos about violence on the transgender community have been circling around the internet.

In the past year, over 45 transgenders have been killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone.

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Syed Kashif | 6 years ago | Reply Well, last time I was reading about Pakistan and how it came about, I read somewhere the slogan favourite among Pakistanis that'Pakistan ka matlab kya? La Ilaaha Illallaah'. Is it the same Pakistan the qaid wanted to create? Is every Pakistani, a Muslim first, happy about such occurrences as above?
Fiza | 6 years ago | Reply What if we want to start a school for transgender kids as our ACP project for British Council? Can we get some official help by anyone instead of working on our own by raising funds and doing things with limited resources?
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