OK Go premieres new explosive 4.2-second long music video ‘One Moment’

Published: November 28, 2016
Excited to see what this band will create next. PHOTO: UPI

Excited to see what this band will create next. PHOTO: UPI

The rock group OK Go has been conquering the world with their elaborate music videos for the past decade, many of which have gone viral and attracted an influx of fans and followers.

Today, the group has premiered its latest video for the song The One Moment exclusively on Facebook. The video literally took a mere 4.2 seconds to shoot, but when replayed in slow motion, shows the accurately choreographed various synchronised actions to the song.  Why do religious extremists attack art?



“We triggered 325 events with extremely precise digital triggers to create the choreography, which unfolds over a little more than four seconds,” explains lead vocalist Damian Kulash, Jr. “We shot with extremely high-speed cameras, which allows us to stretch those few seconds over the full length of the song. Our fastest frame rate was a little over 6000 frames per second, which effectively slows down time to be 20,000% slower than we normally experience it. At those moments, we’re seeing things move through the air that, in real life, are moving faster than the speed of sound.”

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In addition to the official video, OK Go partnered with Morton Salt Inc. to create an interactive version of the clip that salutes five individuals who are keen on helping others.  This version can be viewed exclusively at the Morton Salt website.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert OK Go plans to perform the album. The band will also receive the 2016 American Ingenuity Award in the Visual Arts for their Upside Down & Inside Out video from the Smithsonian Magazine on December 8.

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