ISI demands CIA provide list of contractors working in Pakistan: NYT

New York Times reports the ISI has demanded that the CIA hand over a list of its contractors working in the country.

Express February 26, 2011

The Inter-Services Intelligences (ISI) has demanded that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) share a list of all its contractors working in Pakistan, the New York Times reported.

Speaking in light of the Rayond Davis case, An official of the ISI told the New York Times the agency believed there were more contractors like Davis working behind the agency’s back.

The unnamed official said that Pakistan was ready to put the Raymond Davis episode in the past and that both agencies needed to continue working together.
“Treat us as allies, not as satellites,” said the official of the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI. “Respect, equality and trust are needed.”

The ISI wants a list of the contractors working for the CIA in roles that have not been defined to Pakistan.

The official also said that some officers in the ISI were not willing to have Davis released, while others wanted to use the case as a bargaining chip to withdraw a civil lawsuit filed in Brooklyn against the ISI Chief.
The behavior of people like Mr. Davis is deeply embarrassing to the ISI because it makes the agency “look like fools” in the eyes of the anti-American Pakistani public, the ISI official said.

Cooperation between the American and Pakistani spy agencies has been scaled back because of the case.

A senior Pakistani intelligence official in Islamabad said the case of Raymond Davis had strained but not broken relations between the CIA and the ISI because the ISI didn’t know about Davis before he shot and killed two Pakistanis on Jan 27 in Lahore.


Qaisar Abbasi | 10 years ago | Reply I S I is a Pakistani Security Agency working hard to save Pakistan form any external and internal threat. But our Political governments, Previously Army Government are working for CIA it is very difficult for ISI to tackle these threats at this situation.
Moise | 10 years ago | Reply @John: Interrogate Hussain Haqqani, he can tell you where all the visas went to these American terrorists.
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