PIA flight diverted to Manchester after passengers leave toilets choked

Published: November 19, 2016

KARACHI: A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight en route to Lahore has been diverted to Manchester after all of the aircraft’s toilets got choked.

A statement released by the national flag carrier on Saturday said the toilets on PK-798, flying from Toronto to Lahore, had gotten choked after something solid was thrown by passengers. PIA said all toilets had been consequently affected as they were connected with a common drain line.

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The national flag carrier said the flight had been diverted to Manchester in wake of the development. Regretting any inconvenience caused to passengers, the airline said the toilets would be serviced there before the flight resumed its onward journey.

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PIA said the corporation’s chairman had reiterated the need for passengers to read guidelines present in aircraft lavatories. Earlier in August, just days after the launch of PIA Premier, passengers had ‘damaged’ a London-bound flight.

Upon its arrival in London on Wednesday, one of the recently inducted A-330s looked nothing like a new plane as people had thrown litter everywhere and stolen bottles of lotion.

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Reader Comments (10)

  • Pakistani
    Nov 19, 2016 - 4:19PM

    In respect for our national culture, we should not have toilets on PIA planes, and passengers should just use a corner at the back, or the walls of the planes.Recommend

  • Pakistani1
    Nov 19, 2016 - 6:31PM

    so bad. our public bathrooms are so very dirty as well. sadRecommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad
    Nov 19, 2016 - 7:31PM

    Long distance PIA flights are horrible. They are flying zoos ruled by little devils who keep on screaming while their insensitive mothers busy snoring. Authorities must count passengers esp. little devils. A fed up passenger might have thrown one in flush. Recommend

  • Haji Atiya
    Nov 19, 2016 - 8:22PM

    Sad to say many people on our flights turn the toilets into cesspools.Recommend

  • abood
    Nov 19, 2016 - 9:32PM

    When woll these british pakistanis behave like human.Recommend

  • Dr. Asad Sadick, Germany
    Nov 20, 2016 - 2:16AM

    PIA CEO wants illiterate Pakistanis to read use of toilets. LOLRecommend

  • nadeem
    Nov 20, 2016 - 12:18PM

    Anyone for increasing the education budget…?Recommend

  • Khan
    Nov 21, 2016 - 10:20AM

    @ Ch. Allah Daad. Very sorry to hear your idiotic comment calling kids little devils. I guess you are not blessed with kids at all or have no mental balance to have patience for kids who are a blessing from Allah. Recommend

  • Haji Atiya
    Nov 21, 2016 - 1:55PM

    The term he may have used was inappropriate but he was spot on on parents who let their kids run riot in a confined aluminum tube.Recommend

  • Tarique Mahmood
    Nov 22, 2016 - 4:19PM

    Many comments show the readers the level of inteligence of a vomman person.
    That is why the whole story started.
    We need basic education.
    Atleast 12 classes that intermidiate education.Recommend

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