Sleeping after hitting the snooze button can actually make you tired

Published: November 13, 2016


It’s definitely tempting to doze overtime in sheets every morning after you hit the snooze button but did you know that those few extra minutes of sleep can actually make you lazy.

According to experts, when you let yourself sleep after your alarm goes off, your body and brain clock is disturbed as the time between the buzzes is not enough for you to indulge in deep sleep. So the more you snooze the more confused your brain will get and this makes you feel tired and drowsy.

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“When we play with the snooze button, our bodies get a confused message – sometimes we hear the beeping and get up, sometimes we hear it and stay put for 10 more minutes, sometimes we lie there for another 20 minutes, and so on,” behavioural scientist Dan Ariely explained.

He suggests that you should set your alarm for exactly the time you need to get up. “Since you want to start your day at 7:00am, you may be tempted to set the alarm a bit early – let’s say 6:40am –and hit snooze a few times until it is 7am or maybe even 7:15am. But if you pick this snooze strategy, your body can’t learn the conditioned response between hearing the alarm and getting up,” he said.

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“In general, our bodies do better when they can get used to a single clear rule – get out of bed the moment the alarm sounds,” he added.

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So the next time you hit the snooze button, think about the way it can mess up your day.

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