Pakistanis can't seem to get over Trump's stunning upset

Pakistanis are finding plenty to laugh/cry about when it comes to Trump's win. Here's some of the best reactions

News Desk November 09, 2016
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As one of the world’s most anticipated election comes to an end with Donald Trump winning the 2016 US presidential election, it is no surprise that Twitter has gone into overdrive with everyone giving their own two cents on the stunning upset.

Pakistanis are certainly no exception to the rule, finding plenty to laugh/cry about when it comes to Trump's win. Here's some of the best reactions on Twitter:


And who knew Rahat would be so excited about the Trump win.


delhuss | 6 years ago | Reply The Americans were trapped between the She-Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and chose the lesser of two evils -- but evils nevertheless. Can we say they got the leader they deserve? In any case, as the She-Devil licks her wounds, how long before reality sinks its sharp fangs into the hullaballo? America is going to burn -- the sparks and the lies are already flying and there is a lot more dirt to come out yet about Hillarious Clinton, the bag-lady with a lot of baggage.She is not part of the establishment -- she IS the extablishment. Trump may not be a man of culture, integrity or intelligence, but he is also not a man of the establishment.
FACTS | 6 years ago | Reply @TRP, WRONG. The only hope for PK is its people (who, as of now, are quite hopeless to be honest). Stop dreaming about other countries coming to help and make PK a better place to live, be it US or China.
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