JI deputy amir booked for beating cop

Imran Hafeez May 10, 2010

KARACHI: A case has been registered against five members of the Jamat-i-Islami (JI), including its deputy amir, on charges of assaulting the police.

The deputy amir, Farooque Naymatullah, who is a former nazim of Gulberg Town’s union council 5, allegedly attacked the Gulberg Town SP at a JI rally on May 9, Sunday. He was arrested along with Sajjad Dara, JI central district amir Syed Muhammad Iqbal, two activists Altamash Khan and Naseem Mughal. According to the Yousuf Plaza police, SP Asim, who was patrolling the area, asked the JI activists not to block Sharah-e-Pakistan during their rally. However, the political party workers got angry and started arguing with the police officer.

They assaulted him and also damaged his car. The police officer was rescued by other police personnel who arrived on the scene. Later, leaders and activists of the JI gathered at the Shahrah-e-Pakistan to protest the arrests of their party workers. They blocked the road, causing traffic jams at Rashid Minhas Road and Gulberg Road till late night. The case has been registered on behalf of the government.

The activists should be released immediately, said a JI representative on Monday. According to him, the police had arrested former UC nazim and other workers on the orders of politically influential persons.

Published in the Express Tribune, May 11th, 2010.


Fakhar | 13 years ago | Reply If Egypt can ban Ikhwanul Muslimeen the Muslim Brotherhood why can't we ban all these entities that are constant trouble makers since the inception of Pakistan.JI founder Maulana Moudoodi was against the creation of Pakistan and made derogatory remarks about founding father of Pakistan M A Jinnah.Gen Zia empowered JI by allowing fanatic thoughts of JI to be taught in the civil and non civilian services academies.IJT the Student wing of JI is a well armed and well financed network of goons that has terrorised generations of students across Pakistan.JI and IJT are Pakistani version of BJP and RSS.They have peneterated in all sectors of Pakistani society.They are better organised then any other political party in Pakistan.Only MQM has outwitted them in Karachi but they remain a force to reckon with in Punjab due to their organised force of few thousand workers motivated by Moudoodism and funded by military dictators like Zia.They do not allow empirical discourse in academics and have a history of torturing teachers and students who differ with their narrow perspective of Islam.
Farooq | 13 years ago | Reply JI accuse of bringing weapons but MQM, PPP, ANP & others holds the biggest stock of both legal and illegal weapons at the moment Baseless accusations on JI, truth is they have the most uncontaminated politicians, flawless and uncorrupted unlike others , who had killing of thousands of innocents peoples on their head or so corrupted both morally and ethically that you can’t even imagine
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