16 incredible pictures from the Siena International Photography Awards

Published: November 16, 2016

Hundreds of thousands of photography aficionados across the globe submitted their pictures to the second edition of the Siena International Photography Awards. The contest saw nearly 50,000 entries, from amateur and professional photographers from 130 countries worldwide.

Submissions were made under the categories of sport, wildlife, travel, open monochrome, open colour and architecture among many others.

Here we look at some of the most incredible winning shots from different categories.


‘During the sardines’ migration along the coast of South Africa, all marine predators go fishing! I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time to photograph their capture.’


Magma, ash and gas erupt from Mount Etna in December 2015, rising to a height of several kilometres. Winner: nature


The photographer’s friend descends a 10-metre high clifftop in Tromsø, Norway. It was challenging because the night was much darker than it appears in the photo and it was impossible to see where one might land. The image is the result of a long exposure and using a flash to capture the subject during action. Winner: sport


A strawberry-picker walks between colourful greenhouses near Nazilli, in the Aydın province of Turkey. Winner: travel


Red houses of the lamas and nuns at this Buddhist academy in Sichuan province, China, after heavy snowfall. Honourable mention: architecture


In the fishing village of Phan Rang in southern Vietnam, a woman creates a handmade fishing net. Winner: open colour

7. Leap of Faith (Jump of the wildebeest), Nicole Cambré


This wild beast did not wait for its turn to cross the Mara River and jumped over all of the others. The image was caught at the instant in which the wild beast fell. Third place: wildlife

8. Cape Buffalo with yellow billed oxpecker, Barbara Fleming


I was photographing a herd of Cape Buffalo when I became fascinated by an active Yellow-billed Oxpecker flying on and around all the Buffalo. The challenge became to capture an Oxpecker in a shot as it came in for a landing and I was thrilled that I was able to capture this image. Honourable mention: wildlife

9. Makkah, Majid Alamri


A multitude of observant Muslims hold the traditional circumambulation ritual around the Kaaba, an ancient building located in the centre of Mecca, which is the holiest place for the Islam community. Second place: open colour

10. Mangrove, Greg Lecoeur


The mangroves are a unique and very important ecosystem on Earth. As in all the ecosystems, you can find an apex predator at the top of the food chain to regulate the good health of the ocean. In Cuba, I explored the mangrove and was able to photograph the American crocodile. Honourable mention: nature

11. Jump, Agung Anom Manik


With this shot the author successfully captures the unlimited joy of some Indonesian children enthusiastically playing together trying to catch a fish jumping in the sea. Honourable mention: portrait

12. Smile, Jianjun Huang


During a Dharma assembly in the monastery of Labrang Lamasery, due to the heavy snow, all the monks’ robes were covered with a thick layer of snow. When a young Lama was looking back with a smile, the photographer captured his smiling face. Honourable mention: portrait


According to Venetian-born mask maker Marilisa Dal Cason, each of her creations has its own personality, which can help the user enter another world. Honourable mention: portrait


The reflections augment the geometry and architecture of Sheikh Zayed’s Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Second place: architecture


A studied composition of the Bhenwa family in the city of Jodhpur. Honourable mention: travel

16. Cock Fighting, Pimpin Nagawan


This photo was taken in Jakarta and shows two men who proudly watch their roosters fighting. Cockfighting is one of the most common traditions among several Indonesian cultures. Second place: monochrome

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