Obama to hand digital keys to successor

The new president will inherit a potent digital megaphone

Afp November 01, 2016
The new president will inherit a potent digital megaphone. PHOTO: AFP

WASHINGTON: The White House announced plans Monday for the transfer of power, online power that is -- in the form of Twitter and other social media accounts with millions of followers.

"The handle @POTUS will be made available to the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017," deputy chief digital officer Kori Schulman wrote, fittingly, in a blog post.

Obama launches Facebook page

Obama's White House has aggressively used social media to bypass journalists and appeal unfiltered and unfact-checked to voters.

Obama has granted a host of interviews with platforms like Snapchat and YouTube to talk about his administration's priorities while avoiding the most bothersome questions.

Obama trolls Trump over 'mean tweet' on late night TV

The administration has logged nearly 30,000 @WhiteHouse tweets and thousands of hours of video footage.

The new president, whoever he or she is, will inherit a potent digital megaphone.

The @POTUS handle alone has more than 11 million followers, and the White House more than 12 million.


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