Horoscope: November 1, 2016

Published: November 1, 2016

Your Stars Today

Aries | March 20 – April 18

Few things are more tedious, or in fact, irritating than having to do things according to the rulebook. Yet the circumstances you’re in have given you no choice. Tempting as it is to do the minimum, get seriously involved. You’ll soon realise how much you’ll benefit from going into them in depth.

Taurus | April 19 – May 19

Appealing as the idea of planning ahead may be, during a week as unsettled as this, it’s unrealistic. While it’s worth thinking through your priorities, you’re better off keeping any arrangements flexible, enough that as twists and turns arise, and force a rethink, you can deal with any changes easily.

Gemini | May 20 – June 19

By now, you’ve undoubtedly realised this cycle’s about duty, to yourself and others. Dull as that sounds, since the Sun and your ruler Mercury moved to accent such matters, last week, you’ve managed to deal with or eliminate issues and dilemmas you thought you had no choice but to live with.

Cancer | June 20 – July 21

When certain tricky situations arose recently, you were worried others were upset. Consequently, you allowed the critical or unkind words of one particular individual to get to you. The solution? Stop dwelling on them. This won’t be easy. But it’s far more productive than trying to discuss the matter in question.

Leo | July 22 – August 21

Obviously, seeing the words ‘good fortune’ here is exciting. They may even stir a vision of longstanding dreams coming true. But in this case, while what’s coming your way will be of huge benefit, it is by no means what you’re expecting. It could, in fact, be somewhat of a shock.

Virgo | August 22 – September 21

Having the facts on your side is one thing. Dealing with somebody who’s unwilling to face the truth is another matter. Forget about battling this out. Instead, present your case. Then back off. This allows the individual in question to reflect on what you’ve said. Be patient. They’ll soon agree.

Libra | September 22 – October 21

The last thing you want to do is upset anybody. But somebody has ideas in mind that are very different from yours. So different, in fact, you owe to yourself and them to discuss alternatives now, before their plans are settled. This won’t be easy but it would be much worse later.

Scorpio | October 22 – November 20

Planning ahead may be a virtue. But judging by this week’s focus on decluttering your diary, commitments and arrangements for the future, you’ll be busy undoing what you’ve already organised, not finding ways to fill the hours of each day. For the time being, the more flexible your schedule is, the better.

Sagittarius | November 21 – December 20

There are some issues you avoid because the actual situation is always changing, so there’s no point in tackling them. Yet with the planet of communication, Mercury, in the most intuitive portion of your chart, you’ll be surprised, and amazed, how easily you’re able to discuss, and deal with, these.

Capricorn | December 21 – January 19

To you, as an earth sign, facts are exactly that, facts. Which means that while you may be aware of the powerful intuitive messages currently coming your way, you still want proof. Not only is that unlikely, wait much longer and it will be too late to benefit from those insights.

Aquarius | January 20 – February 18

Unlikely as it seems now, within a week or so you’ll begin an exciting, and decisive period. This commences on the 9th, when Mars, the planet of courage and action, moves into Aquarius for a six-week stay. While you already have some changes in mind, events will give you even more ideas.

Pisces | February 19 – March 19

Don’t be shy about expressing either your enthusiasm for certain ideas or alliances or, as importantly, your concern about others. The fact is, things are changing, in your world and around you. Since nothing is settled yet, the more aware you make people of your views, plans and intentions, the better.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 1st , 2016.

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