Will the real Zaid Hamid please stand up?

May 10, 2010

LAHORE: Amber Rahim Shamsi’s article in the Tribune magazine (May 9) ‘Will the real Zaid Hamid please stand up’ was interesting. We lost all wars against India, including that of 1965, but Hamid fantasises about this saying things like Radio Pakistan will soon be broadcast from New Delhi.

Is there any nation which celebrates defence day for a war that it actually lost? And those who think the world is conspiring against Pakistan should think again. Over 25 per cent of our exports go to America and around that much go to the EU. The fact is that we are a poor third world country, a client state.

As for Ahmed Shah Abdali, he plundered Dehli, Agra and Punjab. On one of his trip he appointed a Hindu as governor of Lahore! Which world is Zaid Hamid living in? Policies are guided by national interest and power and are not linked to religious ideology.

Published in the Express Tribune, May 11th, 2010.


Harris Yaseen | 12 years ago | Reply Will the real zaid hamid please stand up? This is in reference to the letter by Mr Faraz Khalid. I believe that Pakistan is an idealogical state and another example of it would be Israel. Our founding fathers struggled to get this country by their religious idealogy , as Allama Iqbal said " Country is the highest amongst all contemporary Gods , its cloak is the the shroud of religion". Unfortunately we dont really care what has been said years ago ,we are being stormed upon the international politics and agenda , which is not born here rather in the offices of cfr ( council on foreign relations) which dictates upon us its policies .The living proof of this that all politicians including Gen Musharaf and Benazir(late) lately had visited the CFR . The Americans had masonic founding fathers and they too not if religion but believe in the cult . Israel has come into existence just through the idealogy of the west then why cant we rise with our idealogy of Islam which in no way would obstruct national interests .
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