These jaw-dropping drone photographs will leave you in awe

Published: October 31, 2016


Twenty-year-old Gabriel Scanu from Australia uses drones to capture beautiful aerial shots.

Showcasing the beauty of Australia’s coastline and now travelling regularly, Scanu’s photographs depict the gorgeous contrasts where land meets the ocean.

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“The thing I love most about drone photography is the fact that you can capture scenes from a perspective that they are never usually viewed from,” Scanu told Wired.

In an interview with From Where I Drone, Scanu revealed that his father Viv, a cinematographer, introduced him to the art capturing real life on film when he was 12-years-old. The photographer recently returned from a trip to the United States where he captured some instantly recognisable landmarks from almost abstracted vantage points.

You can follow Scanu on Instagram to see more of his photographs.

If this is any indication of summer, Sydney is in for a good one! ☀️ @riseabovedrones

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Feeling the heat! It's days like today that make me grateful for these spots ☀️ @riseabovedrones

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It's finally the end of the week! Tag your boat squad below. Where are you headed? ☀️

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Witnessing first hand why California is called The Golden State. One of the best sunrises ever

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Nobody's complaining about an 8 hour drive with views like this. The Californian coast is something else

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Things are starting to heat up in Sydney. What a way to start the weekend ☀️ • @riseabovedrones

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