Pakistani builds his own Batmobile to prove he is the biggest Batman fan

Shaheer’s Batmobile is the only one in the world boasting a front functioning canopy

Unushay Ashfaq November 11, 2016

Self-proclaimed ‘mind reader' Shaheer Khan isn't messing around when he says he is the biggest Batman fan in Pakistan. And who even wants to argue? Khan has gone to the extreme extent of building his own Batmobile to prove it.

“I have always been a huge Batman fan since I was a little kid. I always wanted a Batmobile for myself. It was the coolest thing a kid could own!” the 26-year-old illusionist told The Express Tribune.


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But it was not easy fulfilling this dream. Inspired by the Tumbler Batmobile featured in the "The Dark Knight", Shaheer's model took an entire year to build. "It was a tough process and we overcame many obstacles, physically and emotionally. We were building a car from scratch without any blue prints and redesigning the insides according to our understanding,” he said.

Shaheer revealed that he started off with moving machinery tyres for the rear four wheels and aircraft tyres for the front ones. Then he built an entire custom chassis for them. "The entire car was carved and brought to shape by human hands and nothing was done by a machine. It was carved out in wood first and then cast out in fiber entirely.”


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The most challenging aspect of the whole process, according to Shaheer, was to get the aircraft tyres to work and function properly. “Since the car does not have a front transaxle, it had to be designed in such a way that it holds the wheels from the outside making it the opposite of how a normal car front would function," he said,  adding that the front functioning canopy also gave him a tough time.

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The front functioning canopy is an important feature of the Batmobile. In his attempt to make his model as close to the Tumbler Batmobile, Shaheer made sure he had a functioning canopy. Although Shaheer’s Tumbler does not open up from the front like the Batmobile shown in the film, he claims it looks identical to the one featured in the film.

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This is because; he explained, the scenes shot in the film with the canopy opening from the front of the car actually used an electronic dummy and the interiors of the car were shot on a soundstage. And so, Shaheer’s Batmobile is the only one in the world boasting a front functioning canopy. Other features of the car include hidden cameras “to look out for the bad guys” and a sound system to listen to some bat-ass tunes while fighting crime.

When asked whether he would selling his Batmobile, Khan replied, “Did Bruce Wayne ever sell his Batmobile? I will never sell my beloved beast as there is a lot of hard work put into it. Also, it is by far officially the coolest toy I own.”

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Tyggar | 6 years ago | Reply Does it run on water too?
Anwar | 6 years ago | Reply Dreamt it, built it, owned it! Thumbs up to you man, this country need more dreamers like you!
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