My role in Jeewan Hathi is nothing like Momo: Hina Dilpazeer

Published: October 7, 2016


With her role as Momo in hit TV show Bulbulay, actor Hina Dilpazeer has established herself as one of the most popular character actors in the country. With Meenu and Farjad’s upcoming film Jeewan Hathi, the actor is now set to grace the silver screen.

Talking to The Express Tribune, the actor revealed her part in the dark comedy is nothing like her TV avatar that has over the years gained immense popularity with both adults and children. In Jeewan Hathi, Hina plays Natasha, an ageing anchor of a TV show.

“My character is called Natasha, who hosts a show. The film is premised on the particular chaotic life of TV anchors. It shows how they get involved in the rat race for ratings,” she said.

Makers of ‘Zinda Bhaag’ return with dark media satire in ‘Jeewan Hathi’
Drawing parallels between Natasha and Momo, she said, “Natasha is very different from Momo. It holds a mirror up to society through its dark comedy, whereas Momo is a peculiar character that draws heavily on slapstick comedy.”

The TV star said she had never planned on venturing into films. “But then Farjad approached me and discussed this project with me. I liked the script and cast. So I agreed to do the film,” Hina added.

She explained that she has a different style of working, which is illustrated in her work. “Every artist is blessed with a unique talent and every artist has a different way of working and this is my way of working that is liked by people,” she said.

Makers of ‘Zinda Bhaag’ return with dark media satire in ‘Jeewan Hathi’
Hina has no regrets about signing the film and feels that it was a great decision. “I feel feels honored to be part of a film that also features Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah.”

The funny woman has also worked in a number of immensely popular TV shows including Burns Road ki Neelofer, Ye Zindagi Hai and Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa; the latter was written by the same writer who has penned the script for Jeewan Hathi – Faisal Bari Khan.

She shared that she is willing to work in Bollywood if given the opportunity. “I would love to work on a Bollywood project if an interesting script comes my way,” she said.

Talking about her upcoming ventures, Hina said, “I have a number of projects lined up. One of them is the TV serial Faltu Larki, which is also written by Fasi Bari Khan. I’m also working on a comedy show named Hum Sub Ajeeb Say Hain.”

Also speaking about the film, her co-star Fawad Khan, the National Academy of Performing Arts junior faculty member said he feels equally lucky to have worked with so many famous stars.

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Fawad said that artists are ambassadors of their respective countries and that they have nothing to do with politics. “They shouldn’t be dragged in these matters,” he added.

Jeewan Hathi is set to hit theatres across Pakistan on November 4.

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