Pathetic police

Z T Minhas May 09, 2010

DHAHRAN: With reference to your report ‘Korangi residents rip apart police station’ (May 4), the police deserved what they got, and more. Their duty is to enforce the law and protect the liberty and life of citizens. But do they do that in Pakistan? The people in the village found two robbers and handed them over to the police. What did the police do? Instead of arresting the men and investigating the matter, they quietly took some money from them and let them off. Unfortunately, this is usually what the police do in Pakistan. They only do anything if there is money involved. How much more are the people of Pakistan supposed to take? Nothing goes right for them. They can’t even get a driver’s licence without giving a bribe, or get anything done from a government department which is their right as a citizen of Pakistan.

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