In poor taste: Dress depicting 9/11 attacks on sale in London

Stall holder Jaspir Bhatti insisted he had not realised what was featured on the dress

News Desk October 06, 2016
PHOTO: Lisa Dean/Instagram

Shoppers in the UK have reported a disturbing dress depicting the 9/11 attacks being offered for sale at a London market stall.

The £5 dress was being sold at the Chrisp Street Market in Poplar, East London. It featured a large colourful drawing of the World Trade Center with two aircraft crashing into each tower and flames erupting on top.

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Lisa Dean, 45, a hair stylist who lives near the market, said her 17-year-old son took a photograph of the dress while visiting the stalls with friends. Speaking to the London Evening Standard she said: "I thought it was very disrespectful to the people that died - it’s like their death is being advertised."

PHOTO: Lisa Dean/Instagram

"To me it feels like whoever made that dress or wears it supports what happened. I think it is disgusting. Whoever wears that is genuinely asking for trouble," she said.

‘Since I put it on Facebook loads of people have said they will go down there. It has caused a lot of upset. I mean, who is actually going to wear that," Dean said.

Another local resident Sean Gower, 35, told The Sun: "It’s very offensive. There were British people killed in the Twin Towers. Something like this should not be on sale here. Stuff like that should not be made, let alone put up for sale in Britain," Grower said.

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Stall holder Jaspir Bhatti, 44, insisted he had not realised what was featured on the dress and handed it to the newspaper to be destroyed. While Bhatti said he had bought the dress as part of a package from a wholesaler, the company has rejected the claim.

This article originally appeared on Mail Online


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