How to buy: Jeans

Express May 09, 2010

The Express Tribune talks to VJ and model Anoushey Ashraf about the art of wearing jeans...

What are the key things to look for when buying jeans?

It should have a good fit and be comfortable

How should a good pair of jeans make you feel?

A good pair of jeans should make you look as you have the best body in the world.

Given that most women in Pakistan aren’t skinny enough to pull skinny jeans off, how do they adapt to the trend?

I think women should wear long shirts along with jeans; which can hide your rear. It’s balanced this way. I balance it this way myself.

How many pairs of jeans should one own?

I have 26 pairs of jeans, but one should have three to four pairs of jeans in their wardrobe.

What’s the best way to update an old, favourite pair of jeans?

If they fit well, one does not need to update a favorite pair of jeans. I believe as long as you fit into them comfortably then they are certainly in fashion. There is no need to let go of an old pair of jeans.

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