Google labels India as 'Namak Haraam country'

And you won't believe why!

News Desk September 28, 2016

Is there anything Google can’t do? From helping people prepare for exams to cracking last-minute essays, the tech giant is a godsend for almost everyone. Now, Google has passed a verdict on what it supposedly sees as the defining characteristic of our eastern neighbour.

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In a new, rib-tickling development that has taken the Internet by storm, users have discovered that googling ‘Namak Haraam country’ results in the Indian tricolour being displayed.

We tried it out:


Some users were quick to tweet their response:

Hillarious -- more so for us Pakistanis -- no offence to our Indian neighbours. But that is not all. In fact, its plausible to think the result would prompt users to look up which country Google deems 'Namak Halaal'.

So we did some experimenting of our own:


Sorry to disappoint! Turns out Google thinks India is both, 'Namak Haraam' and 'Namak Halaal'. Of course, it is puzzling to see why the Internet giant would label any country as such. But there is a reason for this.

Looking up certain movie titles and their country of origin sometimes results in national flags being displayed. For example, say, The Lord of the Rings.


As it is both, Namak Haraam and Namak Halaal, are famous Bollywood classics.




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