7 beauty mistakes you should avoid

Since these wrong notions are not clarified, people continue to make common beauty mistakes

Ians September 22, 2016
Since these wrong notions are not clarified, people continue to make common beauty mistakes. PHOTO: FILE

We all have several misconceptions regarding beauty habits that we blindly follow. Since these wrong notions are not clarified, people continue to make common beauty mistakes.

Here are 7 common beauty blunders that need to be clarified.


1. Washing the face with soap and water is a good cleansing method
 No. Soap does not remove the make-up, dirt and pollutants efficiently. Moreover, most soaps are alkaline. They not only disrupt the normal acid-alkaline balance, but also make the skin dry.


2. Salon facial massages with creams are good for all skin types
Oily skins should not be massaged with creams, as this further stimulates the oil glands. A facial for oily skins should comprise only of cleansing, exfoliation, toning, mask and protection.

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3. Normal skin does not need routine skin care

All skins need daily care to remove pollutants and dirt that settle on it. In order to keep skin healthy, it needs to be protected and maintained.


4. Blackheads are collections of dirt in the pores

This is not correct. Blackheads are caused by the collection of hardened sebum (skin's natural oil). Since the pore is open, the tip is exposed to the air and gets oxidised, hence the black coloured tip and the term blackhead.

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5. If there is hair loss, head massage with oil will promote hair growth

If there is hair loss, the roots are weak and a massage can cause more hairfall. Move the skin of the scalp with fingertips in small circular movements during the massage and avoid rubbing.

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6. Frequent washing of the hair is harmful

Washing does not harm the hair. It is the product you use that's harmful. It can even be washed every day, provided one uses a mild shampoo in small amount.


7. The more shampoo you use, the cleaner the hair

It is not the amount of shampoo, but how well you rinse the hair afterwards with water which helps to remove all residues and ensures cleanliness.

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