Insolent Knights perform at Kuch Khaas

Maha Mussadaq May 09, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The performing group “Insolent Knights” made a comeback with a theatrical fundraiser titled “Food for Thought”.

The event, organised by NGO Thaali at the Kuch Khaas art gallery, was attended by around 150 people. Artists performed 25 different acts in English and Urdu in just an hour. Amongst the acts, the most appreciated was a musical by Tulin Khalid-Azim and Natasha Ejaz titled “Philosophy.” The duo managed to captivate the audience without the help of a set or props.

The audience also enjoyed small comedy skits titled “Batameez Bachay” (Obnoxious Children). In other performances, Atif Siddique recited an Urdu poem titled “Duniya Mein Bachcha Lao Gay,” (Bringing a Child to the World). He said, “This event was amazing, and probably the biggest audience we’ve ever had.” Frustrated with the current domestic security situation and restrictions on Islamabad’s commercial theatre scene, Tulin Khalid-Azim and Natasha Ejaz took the initiative to create a platform for theatre artists.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Ammar Latif said: “Insolent Knights was made possible by a very dedicated group of performers, writers, musicians, poets, and dancers, some of whom have been a part of the family since the beginning.” The core team includes, other than Azim and Ejaz, Osman Khalid Butt, Wijdan Khaliq, and Atif Siddique.

The first Insolent Knights show took place on January 11, 2008. The group started from venues such as Civil Junction and the National College of Arts Rawalpindi and now performs monthly at Kuch Khass.

Published in the Express Tribune, May 09/05/2010


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