Janaan seeks positive global spotlight for Pakistan

Janaan has already made it to No.8 in the UK Box Office Top Ten

Reuters September 15, 2016
Janaan has already made it to No.8 in the UK Box Office Top Ten. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/JANAAN

The cast and crew behind new film Janaan are hoping to showcase the positive side of Pakistan as they look to bolster international investment and interest in the country's small movie industry.

In comparison to Hollywood and Bollywood, the Pakistani industry is still in its infancy. Films are made with much smaller budgets and are not often premiered widely around the globe.

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Janaan, a romantic comedy released over the Muslim festival of Eidul Azha, is hoping to help change that. It has already made it to No.8 in the UK Box Office Top Ten, and it has been released in 17 different countries.

"The revival is still very, very new. I think it's going to take time to develop. But just the fact that here we are, competing at an international level, with Bollywood and Hollywood films, even in Pakistan, I think it's very refreshing," the film's lead actor Bilal Ashraf told Reuters.


Ashraf said that more people needed to be educated about the Pakistani film industry and that wider support, as well as advances in technology and special effects, would help it develop.

The filmmakers behind Janaan are a young group who want to take a positive look at their country. While the film tackles serious issues including child molestation and adoption, it also shows the rich cultural side of the country’s ethnic Pashtun tribe.

We had the Janaan cast over for a live chat and it was all kinds of fun

Shot in Swat Valley, the same area where Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban, the film captures some of the region’s breathtaking scenery. Ashraf and fellow cast members Ali Rehman Khan and Armeena Rana Khan said they’d felt safe while shooting in the area and that security had improved.


“The main purpose behind Janaan was to put a light on the good things of Pakistan, globally, rather than just, you know, showing the negative things,” said Hareem Farooq, a Pakistani actress who is also one of the producers behind the film.

Ghani Khan's 'Reidi Gul' to add essence to 'Janaan'

“This is what we want people to see, that we Pakistanis are not just terrorists. There’s more to it. We’re like good people - as crazy as others.”

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samz | 5 years ago | Reply Another thing to learn from across the border is the importance to create a facade of normalcy through the modicum of media and blame every problem on somebody else this is 4th dimension war
BrainBro | 5 years ago | Reply Positive global spotlight would automatically come if the establishment of Pakistan stops trying its best to make it a pariah state and open ups its trading borders with India. The hate-mongering philosophy of Pakistan's establishment has created this massive identity crisis that is eating it away from within.
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