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Ali Zafar is back with a bang as his third studio album Jhoom hits stores today.

Naushaba Brohi February 12, 2011

KARACHI: Ali Zafar is back with a bang as his third studio album Jhoom hits the stores today. The album brings with it a legacy of its own as it was mixed at the famous Abbey Road Studios and is set to simultaneously release in Pakistan through Alif Records and by YashRaj Music in India.

Aptly chosen to be released on February 14, a day ear marked for PDA (public display of affection) and love in all its forms, the album is all about the happenings of love.

Over sushi, Ali Zafar candidly talked to The Express Tribune about the lesser known side of the South Asian pop icon – about everything that has not already been published before.

Find out how Zafar met his wife, why he chose her to be his wife, who he thinks his son looks like, and of course what his plan for Valentine’s Day are and that’s not all, The Express Tribune goes a mile further speaking to Zafar’s wife,  Ayesha as well.

How did you guys meet?

He said: She came to Pearl Continental to get her portrait made; I slipped in my business card.

She returned a couple of days later with a friend wanting another portrait; this time she said she didn’t need the card she already had my number, the rest is history.

She said: We met at a party and then I went with my friend to Pearl Continental  where he would sketch because she wanted a portrait made.

How would you rate yourself as a husband?

He said: You should really ask her, 7 I think.

She said: He’s fantastic, he actually listens.

What is the one thing that only she has?

She has me (!)

What annoys her about you?

He said: I wonder what she’ll say? I sing in my sleep?

She said: He leaves his shoes in the middle of the room and I invariably trip on them.

The craziest thing you’ve done for her?

He said: I think it was for her birthday, she thought I had forgotten, I made her go on to the balcony to get something and as she walked out there was this firework display. Come to think of it I’m not very crazy.

She said: He’s very calm and collected. He’s not really a very crazy person but he’s really fond of giving surprises and has given me plenty of surprises over the years. He’s also made a lot of handmade cards for me.

How did you manage a relationship over ten years? How do you cope with the long distance?

He said: It’s all thanks to her. Her patience, her understanding and her giving nature has made this possible.

She said: We always knew we wanted to be with each other and always knew that we would end up together. We spend so much time apart that when we do finally manage to come together we really value each other’s company.

Do you believe in Valentine’s Day?

He said: Yes. What is better than love?

She said: He’s hardly around for any Valentine’s Day. Even this one but once he planned a surprise with my cousin.

Why did you name your son, Azaan?

The Azaan, musically is a perfect melody; it’s serene and spiritual.

How do you want your son to know his father?

She said: I don’t want him to be spoilt or overshadowed by his father’s success and realise that things will not be offered to him on a silver platter.

His father has worked very hard to get where he is and he will have to work just as hard to be someone in this world.

What grounds you?

The conversations I had with the waiters while I worked at Pearl Continental, because of which, for me the chief guest and valets are of equal importance.

You want to be remembered as?

Someone who made a difference, someone who pushed boundaries, someone others want to emulate.

What  are your thoughts on Justin Bieber?

I’m glad it worked out for him. His music is not for me though.

Why a record company?

I’m very aware of how trying and difficult my journey has been ... the endless waits – be it outside a studio or waiting for a director to call back. It’s only fair to reach out and do what I can to ensure that someone starting their journey today has lesser obstacles.

What’s the craziest fan request?

Having to sign undergarments publicly

Ali Zafar — the husband, the father or the super star?

He said: The father.

She said: The husband.

Not as a superstar?

He’s always been my superstar.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 13th, 2011.


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pinks | 10 years ago | Reply Ali,your album is so sweet, i like it very much.by the way my favorite actor is shahrukh but when u r come in india i like u very very much, so that i like jhoom very much. and this time jhoom dekhe bina mera din nahi gujarata .Ali when i meet u yaar.... God, plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz help me.
zahid khan Gabari | 10 years ago | Reply Dear ali, u are a happy married man and did a lot. ur personality look like Junaid jamsheed. I wish u to meet him now. further, u are a happy married man having a cute baby boy but i feel fear to u to get close to opportunist katrina kaif who could spoil ur happy life like she is accustomed to do in B-town ruin the lives of couple and even sallu bai. thanx
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