Kuwait, Saudi Arabia 'world's least-friendly countries'

Taiwan ranked friendliest

News Desk September 08, 2016
People walk over a world map engraved in marble in Lisbon September 14, 2011. PHOTO: REUTERS

A report by InterNations that surveyed over 14,000 respondents found Taiwan to be the friendliest country in the world.

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The ranking was based on ease of settling in and finding friends. Uganda and Costa Rica took the second and third spot respectively. Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait were found to be the least friendly countries.

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Here is the complete list

1. Taiwan

2. Uganda

3. Costa Rica

4. Mexico

5. Colombia

6. Oman

7. Philippines

8. New Zealand


10. Portugal

11. Brazil

12. Spain

13. Ecuador

14. Canada

15. Romania

16. Bahrain

17. Malta

18. Indonesia

19. Ukraine

20. Ireland

21. Thailand

22. Argentina

23. Australia

24. Cyprus

25. USA

26. Greece

27. Peru

28. Morocco

29. Japan

30. Israel

31. United Arab Emirates

32. Malaysia

33. Tanzania

34. India

35. Kenya

36. Turkey

37. Egypt

38. Kazakhstan

39. Mozambique

40. Poland

41. Luxembourg

42. United Kingdom

43. China

44. Nigeria

45. Netherlands

46. Hungary

47. Italy

48. Panama

49. South Africa

50. South Korea

51. Singapore

52. Hong Kong

53. Belgium

54. Finland

55. Germany

56. France

57. Chile

58. Austria

59. Russia

60. Denmark

61. Qatar

62. Sweden

63. Norway

64. Switzerland

65. Czech Republic

66. Saudi Arabia

67. Kuwait
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Arsalan Shaikh | 4 years ago | Reply Reply @ Nobody Well I can judge by your rheotic that you haven't seen Dubai.Go visit Dubai first and then compare Mumbai and GOa with Dubai. If its not possible for you to visit Dubai then do ask your fellow countrymen who are living in dubai and constitute around 44% of the total population of Dubai. Secondly dude get a life and stop thinking of naked women all the time, bikinis and shorts should not be the criteria for juding any place even GOA aur Mumbai aur any other place in India.
Jibran | 4 years ago | Reply Ask the poor Pakistanis working in Saudi Arabia. If it were not their livelihoods, they would spit on the face of the Saudis. This is how badly Saudis treat the visitors.
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