Hollow statements on terrorism needed no more

The rate at which such attacks are taking place, it would not be wrong to think it is an international-level proxy war

Shamim Shahid September 04, 2016
People are losing confidence in the custodians of law and are only waiting for mercy to befall them. PHOTO: REUTERS

PESHAWAR: Contrary to tall claims by authorities in general and custodians of law and order in particular, militants are confirming their presence and influence through deadly acts. After the Quetta blast, the whole country went into mourning once again over the attack on the Mardan district courts in which many lives were lost.

The massacre in Mardan was condemned by people from all spheres of life. Politicians also pinned the shortfall on the government and security agencies, which according to them, enabled militants to terrorise the whole nation.

No one can neglect the fact that Pakistan is in state of war due to terrorism that has plagued the country for around two decades now. This trend has also damage the country’s image on the international front. It first impacted the smooth functions of the executive body and devastated economic activities, and now it is ruining the judiciary. Given all this, the rulers are still not only hiding the facts, but also making attempts at dodging all those who desire peace and stability.

Terror track

The acts of terror are not new to the region – they started with the war against the former Soviet Union on the soil of Afghanistan.

At that time, the successive rulers defended the United States in what they called a crusade against the former state, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. However, a few politicians who had differently ideas called it a war in Afghanistan, a battle between two super powers. Since then, custodians of law have tried to camouflage their own failures and shortfalls by pinning any terror attack on “Afghan criminals” or by “Indian agents”.

In fact, many rulers cannot even gauge the intensity of what they are not realising. Just for the sake of fulfilling their responsibilities, they visit the site of attack and say a word or two about arresting the culprits and finding the “external and internal links”. But none of them have answers to the questions of the victims who survive, the parents, widows and children left behind of those who fall prey to the attacks.

Same responses

Staying true to the traditions, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali visited Mardan, only to reiterate statement made previously as well. He pinned the responsibility on foreign terrorists, saying they were getting directions from Afghanistan through Afghan mobile SIMS. He even said they had received information on the attacks being planned and that they had sent alerts to the K-P government. But one has the right to question the response of not only the provincial government also that of the federal law-enforcement agencies when they got the alert regarding the Mardan attack being planned.

Similar justifications were made after the Army Public School carnage in 2014.

Proxy war?

Considering the rate at which such attacks are taking place, it would not be wrong to think it is an international-level proxy war being fought and sponsored by some countries or its controlled secret agencies.

One can differ, but after the 9/11 tragedy, Afghans realised their blunders and almost all of those who contributed in war against Soviet Union, unanimously said a big “no” to the Taliban, al Qaeda and other militant organisations and groups. But unfortunately, Pakistan is still divided on the issue of terror.

Not only some of the religious parties, groups and factions are known for having a soft corner for all those associated with terror groups but some of the state icons are also doing the same for what they justifying as the “larger national interests.”

Divisions on the issue of terror are encouraging none other than terrorists and their mentors. The country and its people have suffered a lot.

People are losing confidence in the custodians of law and are only waiting for mercy to befall them. It is the time for all to realise their mistakes and put their own house in order, if they want to survive with peace and prosperity.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 5th, 2016.


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