Chicken Malai Handi

Published: September 3, 2016
PHOTO: screengrab

PHOTO: screengrab

When you are tired of eating your regular handi, it is time to jazz it up a little. This chicken handi recipe is an easy and tasty twist to the ordinary chicken handi.


Boneless chicken — 250gm, cubed

Cream — ¼ cup

Stirred yogurt — ½ cup

Black pepper — 1 teaspoon

White pepper — 1 teaspoon

Poppy seeds (1 teaspoon), sesame seeds (1 teaspoon), 10 cashews — ground to make powder

Ginger and garlic paste — 2 teaspoons

Raw papaya paste — ½ teaspoon

Salt — to taste

Cilantro — ¼ bunch, chopped

Butter — 2 teaspoons

Vegetable oil — 2 teaspoons


Grind sesame seeds, poppy seeds and cashews together, set aside. Now in a mixing bowl, marinate chicken with cream, yogurt, black pepper, white pepper, salt, papaya paste and ginger and garlic paste and ground mix of poppy seeds, sesame seeds and cashews. Marinate the chicken for at least one hour.

Now, heat vegetable oil and butter together. Add marinated chicken and cook until tender and gravy separated from oil. Next, add cilantro and serve hot with naans.

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