Knowing the right person

Imran Khalil Naseer May 09, 2010

KARACHI: I would like to share with your readers a particularly bad experience I have had of late when I called the KESC customer service helpine 118. For a whole day I kept calling and nothing happened except that each time I called I was told that the fault would be fixed in two hours. The next day I went to the KESC office just off Sunset Boulevard hoping to meet someone who could help me.

I was told to go somewhere else since the customer service department was not located there. Eventually someone suggested that I use the help of a college friend of mine who works for the company. At first I was a bit reluctant because I had lived for a long time in the UK and was not used to all this. However, I decided I had to if I wanted to get the fault repaired. So I called him and the fault was fixed in a couple of hours. It surely pays to know the right people in this country if you want things done promptly. And that is for something that is not even illegal!

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