Prosecutors to seek Davis murder trial Friday

The judge is expected to decide on Friday whether Raymond Davis should be transferred to judicial remand in prison.

Afp February 10, 2011

LAHORE: Prosecutors will go to court Friday to demand a murder trial for the US official involved in the Qartaba chowk shooting, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has said.

In a case that has inflamed relations with Washington, an American, Raymond Davis, confessed to shooting dead two Pakistani men in self-defence in broad daylight on the streets of Lahore.

An eight-day police remand expires on Friday, when the judge is expected to decide whether Davis should be transferred from police custody to judicial remand in prison, a precursor to a trial.

Sanaullah said the prosecution would seek murder charges against Davis.

"Investigators will complete their job tonight and tomorrow we will frame murder charges against him," the law minister told AFP.

"Another case of carrying unlicensed weapons would also be taken up against him."

The case has become a political time-bomb, with the government under enormous pressure to see Davis go on trial.

Washington has demanded Davis' immediate release, saying he acted in self-defence and has diplomatic immunity while local lawyers argue that diplomatic immunity can be waived for grave crimes.

US lawmakers on Tuesday also threatened to cut aid to Pakistan and Washington has warned that high-level dialogue is at risk unless Davis is freed.

The deaths have also sparked protests in Pakistan, where anti-American sentiment runs high and few are convinced that Davis was a normal diplomat

The United States has yet to confirm his name and precise job.

Police told AFP they recovered a Glock pistol, four loaded magazines, a GPS navigation system and small telescope from his car.

A spokeswoman for the US embassy said the detained American would have legal counsel at the court appearance on Friday.


adeel | 10 years ago | Reply Even if hes a diplomat, is he allowed to shoot people?? No, Even Vienna convention doesn't allow that... Just imagine, if a Paksitani diplomat would have killed 3 people in USA, what America would have done to him??? He would have been hanged. The whole world knows that hes a CIA agent and holds secrets, which US officials are afraid of leaking. Now even MR Obama saying they will trial him in USA. if we handover to them.. really funny...the biggest joke.
Nidaa | 10 years ago | Reply Firstly, a lot of the above comments are quite disheartening; I had been hoping to read comments that consisted of objective views rather than personal insults... Secondly, I would normally agree with Sean on this- a person under diplomatic immunity should be transported back to their homeland for a trial. The reason I disagree in this particular case, however, is because Davis isn't eligible for diplomatic immunity. The 1961 Vienna convention specifies that immunity only applies when a diplomat does something for the state.. i.e. for official actions and not personal. Since this isn't valid in this instance- the shooting wasn't done under state orders- I don't think Davis should be given to the American authorities... I think Pakistan has the right to conduct the court case itself.
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