World Thalassemia Day

Express May 08, 2010

World Thalassemia Day is being observed today to spread awareness about the genetic disease.

Thalassemia is a hereditary disease of the blood caused by genetic defects in the patient’s body which result in production of an abnormal form of hemoglobin, thus causing anemia.

Click the video tab for a full report on the state of Thalassemia treatment in Pakistan.


Ali | 14 years ago | Reply Dear Editor, video tab isn't working ... please fix it , i want to wach this video .. because its very special to me ... :)
jahanzaib.haque | 14 years ago Sorry Ali, the PTA has banned YouTube and Facebook for the moment. (Web Editor)
Ayesha | 14 years ago | Reply Dear Editor, Asslam-o-Alaikum, Thank you so much for spreading awareness among our nation. Thalassemia minor or major are becoming our National problem and we have to solve this problem as soon as possible. its not neccessary that what cannot be cured must be endured, it should be like this "prevention is better than cure". Thalassemia Minor should avoid marriage with Thalassemia Minor because it can cause 50% Thalassemia Major and 25% could be Normal and 25% could be Minor. Pre- marital Thalassemia screening is very important so that we can save our generation from Thalassemia Major. I want to give some massage to my readers that please understand the myseries of Thalassemia patients and their families. donate blood and money. Dont isolate them from society, give them love and sympathy as much as you can. Dont let them live in depression. At the last I would also suggest that please spread awareness about Thalassemia among students of schools, colleges and universities so that we can save our future generation from this serious problem. we need urgent implementation of awareness. God Bless you. Regards, Ayesha
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