Schools open despite government order

Express May 08, 2010

PESHAWAR: A number of private schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were operating  on Saturday, despite the government's notification of  two off days in a week.

The notification was issued by the government on 31st April.

Government schools have adhered to the order, whereas private educational institutions are flouting it blatantly.

President of the Private Schools Executive Association Aqeel Razzaq has said that they were not taken into confidence in this regard.

Meanwhile, some private institutions have said that the notification was not implemented since it was issued.


EHTISHAM RAFIQ | 13 years ago | Reply Accountability A private channel programme has revealed very astonishing financial scams perpetrated by the ministers to cause billions of dollars loss to the govt exchequer. Only a fraction of these are reported - thanks to our print and electronic media. The Prime Minister states that accountability process will start after the govt completes its term in office. This means that PPP be allowed to indulge in financial irregularities as per certificate issued by the PM. Accountability will start after two and a half years and they want to hand over a clean financial slate to the incoming govt. People are disappointed to see schools used by the Waderas in villages as cattle pens, storage areas, Hujras etc. There is no check and it’s a shame for the administration to be sleeping over the issue. Lacs of rupees are being siphoned off as pay and maintenance expenditure by the education staff. Some of the concerned Ministers have no moral courage to resign when irregularities are reported in their offices. In the neighbouring country India - although there is corruption - cases that come to public light, the Minister has the moral courage to resign. Here the motto is to cling to the chair until booted out by a Court Order. The Judiciary is being forced to get involved in deciding administrative issues that affects judicial work. If the govt cannot deliver it should resign. People want the administration to exercise its executive power for trouble shooting rather than depend on judiciary to solve its problem. The govt needs experts to handle load shedding, higher prices, unemployment, lack of pure drinking water, corruption, health, education, law and order situation and poor governance etc. The early these are attended to the better for the govt. The govt instead of filling vacancies with Jiyalias should induct qualified, dedicated honest officers. In that lies our salvation. EHTISHAM RAFIQ
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