Charlie Hebdo threatened after latest issue mocks Muslims

Magazine depicts a bearded man and a hijab-wearing woman running naked on the beach

News Desk August 15, 2016

Satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo has received threats after its latest issue mocked Muslims following the burqini ban in Cannes, France.

The latest issue of the controversial magazine depicts a bearded man and a hijab-wearing woman running naked on the beach with the caption: The reform of Islam: Muslims loosen up.

French mayor bans burqinis on Cannes beaches

The magazine staff received a threat of an imminent attack via its Facebook page, Le Parisien reported, after the issue was published Wednesday. Police is investigating the latest threat; however, they say this isn’t the first time Charlie Hebdo has been threatened since the terror attack on their offices in January 2015. It had received 60 threats, insults and anti-Semitic remarks on its page in July and August.

“We have filed a complaint with the police of the 13th arrondissement of the Paris police over the threats. It never stops,” Eric Portheault, the co-owner of the newspaper, told Le Parisien, said.

The magazine is still under heavy police protection after 10 staff members and two police officers were murdered when terrorists stormed an editorial meeting and opened fire.

Last year, Charlie Hebdo came under fire after it mocked the death of a three-year-old Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi. The magazine made two drawings of young Kurdi who was found dead on a Turkish beach and became a symbol of the refugee crisis.

Charlie Hebdo mocks death of Syrian child Aylan Kurdi

The front page of the magazine featured the toddler lying face down on the beach and while the strapline read “Welcome to migrants”, the main text read “So close to his goal”. The magazine further made an illustration of a McDonalds billboard in the background stating “Two menus of children for the price of one.”

Meanwhile, the second cartoon entitled “The proof that Europe is Christian,”  portrayed Kurdi drowning in the water a man on the side, supposedly Jesus standing on the water and saying “Christians walk on waters, Muslim kids sink.”

This article originally appeared on Independent.


Shahdab | 6 years ago | Reply Got to give it to these guys. Not learnt any lessons from what's happened so far.
BrainBro | 6 years ago | Reply Islamists can mock and make fun of other people's Gods all they like, but the other way around means bombings and murder.
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