Indians, Pakistanis confess what they want from each other in touching video

Watch India and Pakistan share love in a different light

WhisperO/Nashrah Baqi August 14, 2016
Watch India and Pakistan sharing love in a different light. PHOTO: WHISPER O

The 14th and 15th of August are special days for Pakistan and India -- the two countries share and rejoice their elaborate, shared history.

Two start-ups from these countries have managed to remind us of all that we fail to remember. It is the fact that we are indeed different yet quite similar in a lot of ways. ‘WhisperO’, an application from Pakistan that maps your moments around the world through audio, video and pictures as you experience them, along with 'ChaaiPani',a storytelling platform from India, joined hands for a venture.

They came together to make a video highlighting not only our similarities, but also how to accept our differences.

The video starts by highlighting the fact that we are all part of one world and shows similar scenes from both countries, such as the making of street food and common rickshaw rides. It then goes on to ask people from both countries one thing that they'd like to take from the other nation.

The results are truly entertaining and it also sheds some light upon the ongoing battle over a very famous dispute. You'll have to watch the video to find out!

They want:


We want:


They want:


We want the Taj Mahal! 


But most importantly, let's rejoice what both the nations already have  - love for one another.


If you want to experience this Pakistani app Whisper O, then download it here:

Watch the video here:

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